Openly gay Youtuber Tyler Oakley's is not just known for using social media platforms for social causes but also for flaunting his personal life. He has a colorful dating history and a long list of boyfriends. 

American youtuber, activist and author Tyler Oakley found fame after his self-titled YouTube channel hit the big time. He started by posting light-hearted content mentioning about various celebrity crushes to junk food and shifted to more important issues after his subscribers swelled.

Apart from comic contents he also started sharing his experience of domestic violence and anorexia raising awareness about them. Currently, Tyler posts videos on various issues regarding humor, pop culture, and politics at the same time.

Shining YouTube Career: Tyler Oakley in his latest YouTube video talks about Tanacon on 17 July 2018. (Video: YouTube)

Tyler's Youtube journey started in the year 2007. 

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Tyler Oakley Is One Of Forbes' 30 Under 30

Tyler’s career spanned its wings almost 11 years ago after his first video Raindrop received a massive number of views on YouTube.

His YouTube channel currently has about 7.7 million subscribers with 650 million views altogether. Publicly gay Tyler is also an active member of a successful collaboration channel titled 5AwesomeGays for over three years now.

On March 2013, Tyler co-hosted a weekly pop-culture news show Top That for seven months. He also featured in a comedy web series called The Most Popular Girls in School for five episodes from 2013 to 2014.

Tyler was involved in a tour party Tyler Oakley’s Slumber Party in 2015, which included him in pajamas, entertaining the audience and having some interactive segments in between. He visited more than 25 cities in the states during his tour.  

A year later he released his debut collection of humorous personal essays called Binge. Not just that he also had a dedicated segment on Ellen DeGeneres show. Due to his vast contribution globally, Forbes magazine listed him the 30 Under 30 power list of 2017.

He boasts Huge Net Worth Earned Via Youtube

After such tremendous success in different fields, it is safe to say that Tyler Oakley has a considerable amount of wealth stored for himself. According to Socialblade, Tyler earns about $398 to $6.4k on a monthly basis from Youtube only.

His estimated annual earning from Youtube ranges from $4.8k to $76.4k. Not just that, his other works as a Tv-host and the best selling author have helped him amass a huge net worth.

As of 2018, Tyler’s total net worth is $8 million which is expected to rise with his growing success.

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Tyler's Bio: Age, Parents, Height

Born on 22 March 1989 in Jackson, Michigan, his parents divorced when he was just two or three years old. After the split, he lived with his mother whereas his older sister Cody lived with his father.

Only after two years of divorce both his parents remarried welcoming 11 step and half siblings to his already complicated family. He ended up living with his mother Jackie and stepfather Ken.

When in eighth grade, Tyler, who stands at the height of 5 feet and 5 inches, moved to Okemos to fulfill his childhood dream and get involved in choir and drama.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in communication, marketing, and social media from Michigan State University.

Throughout his YouTube career, Tyler has been linked with numerous high profile name of the industry. Being gay, Tyler feels he is an inspiration to many who are battling to come out of the closet and accept themselves.

He is a vocal believer in using his platform to educate his audience on the LGBTQ issues worldwide. But Tylers coming out story is something of a treat to all of us.

Father Asked Him If He Was Gay?

Tyler always felt his parents, Jackie and Ken being aware of his sexual choices. But it was not until he was 11 years of age, his family asked him about his sexuality. 

His father took up the subject and asked him if he was gay, one casual day in the year 2000.

Tyler's simple 'Yes' and his parent's casual reaction towards the topic made him more confident about his sexuality.

According to him, his parents were always supportive, unlike his Christain father and stepmother. His biological father tried to educate him about religious matters so that he could get away from gay thoughts but Tyler knew who he was.

Despite coming out to his parents, Tyler was very hesitant to come out as gay in front of his friends in his school. 

Although he recalls his school had a perfect environment for the gay community, it was not until rumors about him liking a guy circulated, forcing him to come out of the closet.

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Tyler Oakley Slams Eminem For Gay Slurs

The LGBT member couldn’t take it easy when Eminem dissed him using a homophobic slur in his surprise release Album; Kamikaze. (released on 31 August 2018). The specific line, “Tyler create nothin’, I see why you called yourself a f-----g, bitch.” in the track Fall questionably dissed Tyler.

The rapper didn’t hesitate to accept to Sway, about his intentions to hurt Tyler, but he is apologetic for using the homophobic word which turned out to hurt other people as well.

Tyler is in no mood of letting go any chance of vengeance. About Eminem’s regretful confrontation, Tyler showed his hostility through a Twitter post.

Outraged: Tyler Oakley tweets in a response to Eminem's regret for using the Homophobic word in track, Fall.-14 Sep 2018. (credit: Tyler Oakley's Twitter)

Seems like the internet dissing battle is not going to end anytime soon between the two outraged celebs. Just wait until new diss makes headlines.

Rumored Boyfriends Include Singer Troye Sivan

Tyler's whole life resembles an open book and has been very open about his past relationships. After his breakup with his college boyfriend, he went into a slight depression and admitted to considering suicide as one of his options.

He was also rumored to be in a relationship with famous singer Troye Sivan after he posted a video of him doing The Boyfriend Tag challenge with him on 14 February 2014. But the rumors ended up being fake after Troy's relationship his boyfriend, Jacob Bixenman came to the fore. 

In his debut book titled Binge, released in 2016, he mentioned his previous relationships and their toxic side effects in his life. He admitted to being in an abusive relationship and wrote that he was not very proud of it. He wrote:

Another hard thing to write was the chapter about one of my ex-boyfriends that talks about abuse... Even though it ended up only a few pages long, I wrote pages and pages and pages.

After coming out from his relationship with the abusive partner, he seems to have been hotting it up with another hunk. 

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Is He Dating Adam Rippon In 2018? 

Recently Tyler’s relationship rumors with openly gay figure skater, Adam Rippon surfaced all over the media after Adam was featured in one of Tylers Video in February 2018. The following day, Adam also shared a picture with Tyler, and his flirty caption raised everyone's eyebrows.

Dating or Not: Rumoured boyfriend Adam Rippon snaps a picture with Tyler Oakley and posts on Instagram on 7 February 2018 (Photo: Adam Rippon's Instagram)

However, the rumor was shortlived as Adam announced about him being in a relationship with a Finnish man, Jussi-Pekka Kajaala. 

But it did not take long for Tyler to reveal the man who stole his heart. It was a handsome man named Anthony Russo who is a product manager at Netflix. Tyler and Russo can be seen spending quality time with one another as evident through a number of posts in both their respective Instagram pages. It seems the two are madly in love with one another and from the looks of it, is only a matter of time before the wedding bells finally toll as loud as they can.