Tyler Oakley is a renowned openly gay YouTuber, activist, and author who found fame after his self-titled YouTube channel hit the big leagues. He started by posting light-hearted content, talking about various celebrity crushes to junk food, and shifted to more important issues after his subscribers swelled.

Since coming to the limelight, Oakley has also used his social media to flaunt his personal life. He has had a colorful dating history and a long list of boyfriends.

Tyler Oakley Dated Anthony Russo

The YouTuber openly admitted his love for Anthony Russo, a product manager at Netflix, through social media handles.

They met through the dating app Bumble in 2018, reports Distractify.

After starting the relationship, Oakley was the one to give the first glimpse of the couple. He took to his Instagram on September 9, 2018, to share a picture with Russo from a friend's wedding that they attended that weekend.


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Later in the same year, Russo also posted a picture with Oakley on December 31, stating that the YouTuber was the best thing to happen to him in that year. He wrote, "the best part of 2018."

In 2019, both Oakley and Russo's Instagram was filled with pictures and posts featuring one another. With all that, it seemed that their relationship was solid.

Fast forward to the present, the two are reportedly separated, as they have not been seen posting anything related to one another for a while now.

Relationship Rumors with Adam Rippon

Oakley was rumored to be in a relationship with the openly gay Adam Rippon.

The two were first linked after Rippon was featured in Oakley's YouTube video on February 6, 2018. The following day, the former figure skater also shared a picture with Oakley, and his flirty caption raised everyone's eyebrows.


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However, the rumor was short-lived as Rippon announced his relationship with Jussi-Pekka Kajaala. The two got engaged in February 2021.

Apart from Rippon, Oakley was also rumored to date famous singer Troye Sivan in 2014.

His Parents Supported Him after He Came Out of the Closet

Oakley was in high school when he came out of the closet. He opened up about his feelings with his friends, mother, and stepfather — who respected his preferences and supported him.


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But he was not very confident in sharing his truth with his biological father.

"The one last person who I never told was my biological dad," the YouTuber told People in March 2018. "I knew that he came from a more conservative background, a more religious background, that leaned a little bit less supportive of gay people."

One day, his father took up the subject and asked him if he was gay while having dinner. Oakley answered him, saying, "Yes!"

After knowing the truth, his father and stepmother, however, tried to educate him about religious matters so that he could get away from gay and even offered to pay for conversion therapy.

But with time, both father-son duo showed patience and took time to understand each other. Now, even his biological dad and stepmother have accepted him for who he is.

"I’m really glad that I was patient with him. I’m really glad that he took time and put in the effort, because for a lot of parents I don’t think it’s that easy right off the bat,” Oakley stated.

Oakley's Parents Divorced When He Was an Infant

Oakley was born on March 22, 1989, in Jackson, Michigan. He was only around 2-3 years old when his parents divorced.

After the split, he lived with his mother and stepfather Ken, whereas his older sister Cody lived with his father.