Since his teenage years, American Singer-songwriter David Archuleta has set standards high for what he wants from a girl in their relationship.   

As Archuleta grew famous, he soon became a heartthrob, and then questions about his love interests shot up. And he didn’t disappoint his fans when he was asked the most prevalent question: What is he looking for in a wife? 

David Archuleta Provides Details About His Ideal Girlfriend

In 2008, a 17-year-old Archuleta stated that he was too young to date and have a girlfriend. He added that he was focused on music and didn’t want to lose his vision.

But, the questions about his love-life and his ideal type of girlfriend persisted. So, he finally gave in and answered that his ideal girlfriend would be someone with a great personality; she would be a person he could connect with. She would have respect for themselves and also care for others.

Young David Archuleta (Source: Google)

However, the musician didn’t waver from his resolve to focus on music and kept on pursuing his passion.

David Archuleta Wants His Potential Wife To Be Religious & Virtuous 

Later in 2014, Archuleta received questions from his fans in the form of a Facebook event. The most popular was the aforementioned: What is he looking for in a wife?

So, to that, the songwriter answered that he was looking for someone who loved the Lord even more than she would love him. He wanted a confident wife who is sure of themselves, a wife who could carry themselves well and fun. He also added that his future wife doesn't have to be a singer, but they need to support his career.

David went on about how he would be ideally married to a virtuous woman, someone from who he could learn.

Archuleta’s Tweet Perceived To Be Anti-Gay

In 2010, David was rumored to be gay; however, four years later, he was perceived to be anti-gay.

The singer-songwriter sparked this controversy when he tweeted a quote from the Mormon Church. The tweet was considered anti-gay as it stated that love could only be expressed between a man and a woman.

Romantic love is incomplete. It is a prelude. Love is nourished by the coming of children, who spring from the fountain of love…expressed between a man and a woman in marriage. #PresPacker

The Crush singer henceforth apologized for offending others with the quote he shared. He expressed that his intentions were misunderstood. 

As for his personal life in 2020, he has not yet married and keeps a low personal profile. His ideals for a perfect wife are yet to be fulfilled. The part Latin singer-songwriter's Instagram also doesn’t show any signs of being in a relationship. 

It seems that David might take his sweet time before he is married.

David Archuleta's Rise to Fame: From Runner-up of American Idol To No. 13th On US Billboard Charts 

Archuleta first rose to fame after taking the runner-up spot in season seven of American Idol in 2007. The show gave him a boost to release new songs.

And soon, in 2008, the songwriter released his first single, Crush, from his debut album. His song hit the number two spot on the Billboard Hot 100 list in May the following year.

His first Christmas album Christmas from the heart was released in October 2008. This album peaked at number two on the US Holiday Album Charts. Then, in October 2010, his second studio album The Other Side of Down was released. It reached number thirteen on the US Billboard 200 Charts.

After that, the 29-year-old took a break from releasing music and focused on his religion.