Before the news about Donald Trump planning for a mid-term cabinet shakeup came to the fore, hardly many would have known about Kirstjen Nielsen. However, once the news that Trump was about to fire yet another employee and replace him with his faithful, Kirstjen has been splashed across the news.

The Colorado native was thrust into the limelight after President Trump reportedly came up with the idea of replacing her as Homeland Security Secretary because of inability to stop immigrants coming to the states.

News From The Bottom: CBS News undiscloses the real reason behind Trump's decision to fire Kirstjen Nielsen from the post of 'Secretary Of Homeland Security' (Published on 13 November 2018) 

There have been suggestions that Trump has been very cross with the lady at the top of the Department Of Homeland Security for failing to take sterner actions at the border. However, the suggestions of her not being tough is not consistent with the fact that during her tenure she has increased the border security by thousands.  

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Moreover, she was behind the controversial plans of separating families at the Mexican border--a plan that brought the president criticism from all quarters. So, who exactly is the lady at the helms of Homeland Security?

She Was Born To US Army Physician Parents!

Born on 14 May 1972 as the daughter of physician (US Army) parents; father, James McHenry Nielsen, and mother, Phyllis Michele Nielsen, Kirstjen Nielsen is the native of Colorado.

She is the oldest child of her parents among her younger siblings; Ashley and Fletcher. She belongs to mixed ethnicity as her father belongs to Danish ancestry and mother is of an Italian descent.

The Homeland Secretary completed her graduations from Georgetown School Foreign Service with a degree in Bachelor of Science. It was precisely when her parents decided to part each other's way. However, it did not affect Kirstjen in every bit, as she attended University of Virginia School of Law to receive her Juris Doctorate.

A study enthusiast, she further went to Nagoya, Japan to study Japanese studies at Nanzan University. 

Is She Married Behind Her Reticent Personal Life?

As much open Kirstjen, aged 46, is with her professional life or her family, she is just as skeptical to speak a word about her personal life; married life. From the little bits that have been known she is yet to be married. Moreover, she has no one on the fore who she could turn into a husband.

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Despite her privy lifestyle, she did manage to turn a few heads when she attended the state dinner event with a male partner Chad Wolf. Kirstjen, who has pretty much mastered the skill of hiding her affairs, however, quashed all the rumors of romance before they sprouted.

Without any hesitations, she confirmed that Chad was not her boyfriend or a date, but just her subordinate who was acting as the Chief of Staff.

State Dinner: Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen and Chad Wolf arrive at the White House for a state dinner in WashingtonDC (Photo:

Well, all, for now, we can do is hope that she finds herself a man, her Mr. Perfect and opens up a bit about her personal life besides her profession and family. 

How Much Does She Garnish As Net Worth From Her Work?

As similar to her private personal life,  Kirstjen has never openly spoken about the net worth she's accumulated up to this point of her career.

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But acknowledging the fact that she's been working as the head of the third largest office in the whole of the country and acting as the head figure for more than 22,000 employees, she surely gets paid top dollars. 

Furthermore, having a large history of working in different bureaucratic positions and commanding a huge salary from them, it is easy to say that she has a net worth in millions.