American journalist and newscaster Paula Ann Zahn is most famously known for hosting the actual crime documentary series titled On the Case with Paula Zahn on the Investigation Discovery channel.

Her lifelong dedication to the reporting world that consisted of her work in popular networks like ABC, Fox News, CBS News, and CNN has garnered her successful credits and also huge fan followings.

Now, if you are one of the followers of this lady anchor, then you are probably acquainted with her professional life and with the fact that she once had a dramatic split with her husband! But, how aware are you of her current life happenings? 

Light On Paula Zahn Career, Net Worth

The American journalist has earned a fistful in her career. She boasts her belongings in National networks commencing from early 1987 to present.

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Paula took off on her professional high in 1987 when she entered ABC and where she worked as an anchor for the ABC News.'s ‘The Health Show,’ ‘World News This Morning,’ and ‘Good Morning America.’

By 1990 she had landed at CBS in the designation of an anchor and a newscaster for the CBS News' ‘CBS This Morning,’ CBS Evening News’ Saturday edition, ‘48 Hours,’ ‘CBS News Sunday Morning’ and ‘Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel.’

The journalist went on showcasing her immense talent and passion for a long time. In 1999, Paula joined Fox News Channel and later in 2001 went to join the CNN. It was in 2009 after resigning from CNN that Paula got to produce her show on Investigation Discovery Channel.

The TV personality, who groomed herself from an aspiring journalist to an established presenter, shows no sign of ceasing in her splendid career and relishes a net worth of $18 million.

Paula Zahn Advocates Cancer

Zahn's life incidences inspired her to remain conscious of cancer problems. Her mother, father, aunt and brother's wife had cancer. But miraculously, her mother survived even after being diagnosed with cancer for the second time.

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No surprise she has established herself as an active advocate for creating awareness on cancer in general and breast cancer in particular. She is an honorary board member of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation which is dedicated to incurable blood cancer. 

On The Case With Paula Zahn: Season 17 In 2018

The driving to remain on the screen came easily for Paula on account of her esteemed career in journalism. But she has been doing more than just the duty of a news lady. She has shown her potential to step out into the field to unwind some of the most stimulating crime scenarios through the show On The Case With Paula Zahn the network, Investigation Discovery.

The veteran journalist has been on the show, taking the first-hand interview with convicted criminals in petrifying episodes since 2009. In the 10th episode of season 17; Buried Dreams, she subjected a woman who terrifyingly led the police to a string of murder after her daughter EL Paso's disappearance.

Career Height: Investigation Discovery's On The Case With Paula Zahn is in its 17th season in 2018

The 11th episode was released on 30 September 2018 and titled as In the Dead of Night, in which the police traced the teenage girl’s last known movement to speculate on her encounter with the murderer.
The show is a big hit among the viewers and equally appreciated for its approach to solving the crime. Paula Zahn, in this regard, is growing up as an icon.

Paula Zahn Could Not Keep Her Hands To Herself In Married Life With Millionaire Husband

The anchorwoman tied knots with a New York City real estate developer, Richard Cohen in 1987. Their married life resulted in three children, whom they decided to raise on Cohen's Jewish values. 

Their married life lasted for 20 long years only to end on a notion of dissatisfaction. The wife buzzed the entertainment world with her illicit affair with the business biggie Paul Fribourg, who happened to be the friend and golf buddy to her then-husband Richard Cohen.

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The extramarital affair eventually led to the splitting up of former husband and wife who parted their ways in 2007 by moving out of the stunning 927 Fifth Avenue co-op block that they were sharing with their children.

Dressed To Impress: Paula Zahn with her ex-husband Richard Cohen (Photo:

20 years of marriage ended on a whim of divorce but the clash didn't. During the split, Paula filed a lawsuit against Richard accusing that he mismanaged her money of worth $25 million, and was trying to withhold the information of that money using their break up. 

Richard, however, denied the accusations saying that Paula's Connecticut mansion solely cost $20 million and Paula spent all money extravagantly and the court dismissed the case stating that it was merely a matrimonial dispute shaped as a commercial issue. 

The reason for the divorce, however, has raised a lot of eyebrows. Paula claimed that her marriage with Richard had reached a dead end and the lack of intimacy between them is what drove her to the arms of another man. Richard however, claims that the reason was a mere case of love and not lust. It seems love does die down sometimes!

Will Paula Zahn Get Married In 2019? 

The TV personality whose married life was devasted on account of the scandalous affair, was expected to take her chance to entitle her gossiped relation. But surprisingly she has not given any news of second marriage yet. 

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The love life of Paula for the current update remains hidden behind the curtains, as she has also not spilled any beans in her personal life or hinted on any possible affair. She is content with her profession and can be seen confidently taking interviews on any topic, be it of plastic surgery or devastating murder cases.