Sharna Burgess' Boyfriend & Husband To Be; Bobby Bones Or Someone Else?

Date: 10 Oct, 2018

Sharna Burgess' Boyfriend & Husband To Be; Bobby Bones Or Someone Else?

For Australian ballerina, Sharna Burgess, rumors have exceeded well beyond her liking, making up the dancer pair up with just about anyone. However, the celebrity dancer treasures secrets that are unknown and she might need to do a little bit of revelation of who she is dating or if she has a husband to address the fans' concerns.  

 The New South Wales native is famous as a ballroom dancer and a reality television celebrity. The celebrity dancer is popular for her appearance as a pro dancer on  Australian and American versions of the show Dancing With The Stars.

Dancing With Writer: Sharna practices dancing with best-selling writer Bobby Bones for the new season of Dancing with the Stars premieres on 24 September 2018 (Published on 12 September 2018)

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In September 2018, it was announced that for the 27th season of the Dancing with the Stars, Sharna Burgess would be joining Bobby Jones- who is a best-selling writer of book Bare Bones: I'm Not Lonely If You're Reading This Book- as her partner.

Sharna Burgess Bio (Age): Parents, Early Passion For Dancing

Sharna Burgess was born in the town of Wagga Wagga in New South Wales of Australia on 21 June 1985 as Sharna May Burgess. Her parents, Ray Burgess and Lucy Burgess are both of Australian nationality.

Her parents saw her passion for dance from her childhood and supported when she started to train in ballet, jazz, and gymnastics when she was only 5. When she was just eight years old, she studied ballroom.

Sharna Burges Joined Dancing With Stars at Age 18

As Sharna began to take her dancing interest seriously, she thought she needed to take a step to realize it. When she was only 18 years old, she moved to London to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer.

She first appeared on TV on the sets of Australian Dancing with the Stars, and So You Think You Can Dance in Belgium and the Netherlands.

She made herself an instant celebrity when she joined the team of Dancing with the Stars Season 13 as a troupe member. On the show, she assisted choreographer Jason Gilkison on both the Australian and American versions of the show and made it to the finals.

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Ever since the 33-year-old appeared on the show as a pro dancer, she is lauded as for being an expert instructor and partner.

Did Sharna Burgess Date Bonnie Bolton?

It is normal for a pretty lady like Sharna Burgess to be linked with her co-stars on Dancing with the Stars, as the partners have to share intimate dance moves and spend time together.


Romancing Off-stage: Sharna Burgess in arms with Bonnie Bolton off-stage (Photo:

In the 26th season of Dancing with the Stars, Sharna was linked with her co-star Bonnie Bolton, who was a bull rider and had joined the new season of Dancing With The Stars as a celebrity dancer.

Sharna was moved by Bonnie Bolton's story of how he met an accident while he was bull-riding and how he would like to inspire and motivate people by actually dancing on stage, despite crutched legs. 

With how close the dance partners got in very less amount of time, the fans appreciated the couple for their incredible on-stage chemistry and even thought that they had something more to their relationship. Sharna Burgess, however, defended the just-friendly relation by saying:

Oh gosh, I am a professional. Look, we have a lot of chemistry and we have a lot of fun, but first and foremost we are trying to do a really great job in this competition. I want Bonner to be around until the end and I want to take this man to the finale. That is our priority. Everyone is making a lot of our really obvious chemistry.

Bonnie and Sharna surely shared intimate and physical moves on stage, however off-stage, the partners never had anything more than just-friends or teacher-and-student relationship.

Sharna's Alleged Boyfriend Include Paul Kirkland, Pierson Fode & Josh Norman

Sharna had a dating relationship from long ago with dancer Paul Kirkland. The couple was together for more than five years until they broke up in 2015. Since then, Sharna has been rumored in many relationships but has never confirmed any.

On her blog in 2017, she wrote: 

no man is an social and not just online!! Enjoy time with friends, Join a club, go on a hike with someone, and work on appreciating others and taking notice and an interest in them as they will in you.

After that E! News reported on April 2017 that she was, in fact, dating actor Pierson Fode. An insider of E! News even confirmed that Sharna took Pierson to a Hinchcliffe race, pictures of which both Sharna and Pierson posted on their Instagram.

It was even reported that she was at Pierson’s birthday party and that he visited while Sharna was on the road during the Dancing with the Stars tour in 2017.

As per the case it is, Sharna has never confessed her love for Pierson on the media.

Media even went out to say that she was dating former America football cornerback Josh Norman on the show Dancing with the Stars: Athletes, however, to an interview with ET Online on April 2018, she said:

I am the only single woman on the show, so naturally, if there is anyone that people are gonna think there is a showmance for, I am your girl, apparently.

It is not known if it is the truth or if she is just trying to hide the cat in the box, but her statement will keep the media away for a while now.

Dancing with Bobby Bones

Now, lets for a moment forget about her boyfriends—or husbands—and let's focus on the new season of Dancing with the Stars, and Sharna's role in the show. Among all the celebrity partner Sharna has had in the Dancing with the Stars, Bobby Bones is the one least suspected of dating her on the sides, but he is also one of those who shares strong chemistry with her.

Bond with Bobby: Watch Sharna Burgess and Bobby Bones' unmistakable chemistry while they rehearse and dance in Dancing With Star's latest season (published 8 October 2018)

You just have to look at the two on stage and off it, to see how close they have come as friends, if not as anything else. It is surprising that the media hasn't linked the dancing couple. Maybe it had to with her repeated denial of dating any of her dancing partners, which she was done quite a few times by now, and very vehemently.

Who is Sharna Burgess' Husband in 2018?

While Sharna Burgess has kept on denying all the rumors of her dating dancers and actors, but it is quite unsure if she is hiding a secret relationship or not. 

By the beauty and the persona she possesses, it is quite hard to believe that she is not involved in any relationship now. But if she is hiding a secret husband, why is she not revealing him? And if not, why is she not open to the idea of dating?  

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Any case may be, Sharna is undoubtedly having the time of her life dancing on stage and meeting new people. 

And while the new season will show her exchanging dance moves with Bobby Bones-- which will surely fly into rumors with even a small glitch between them-- the couple is sure to dance into perfection without any distraction from the media, given the nature of Sharna Burgess we know of.