How fortunate of the 24 years old Dancing With The Stars troupe member, Alan Bersten to be flaunting his dance moves with some of the sensational celebrities! Oh, wait! Can’t it be the other way around? He sure is of a kind of talent.

The American dancer has danced all the way through his career and in the 27th season of Dancing With The Stars, he is partnered with model/online celebrity, Alexis Ren.

Dance Partners: Alan Bersten is pro to Alexis Ren for DWTSs 27th season which premieres on Monday, September 24 on ABC.

For Alan, his debut as a troupe member of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars (20th season) in 2015, was a dream come true.

Alan Bersten Hit Big At Young Age: Dancing With The Stars

24 years old Bersten was born on May 26, 1994, in Minnesota, the United States and wanted to be a professional dancer even as a child. No wonder he has become proficient in contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, Bollywood and Broadway as he grew up.

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Alan fancied dance reality competitions like every other dancing aspirant, and he hit the jackpot when he made it as a finalist in the 10th season of So You Think You Can Dance at the age of 18 performing a historical blindfolded contemporary.

After serving as a troupe member in several previous competitions of DWTS, Alan has been chosen to be a pro dancer in the 27th season. And adding to the excitement will be his partner model cum Internet celebrity Alexis Ren. The handsome hunk spoke of his excitement at getting to dance with the sensational Alexis and the couple has been setting up a new benchmark with every passing week in the DWTS. 

For their third week, the couple pulled off a contemporary dance routine in an ode to Alexis' mother. The dance not only hit the right beats among viewers but also among judges as they gave the performance a 26 out of 30. Not quite perfect, but a clear indication of how Alan and Alexis' partnership is gradually improving and it also ran chills down the spine among other competitors. 

Alan Bersten Is Set To Mentor Kids In DWTS Junior

The dancing sensation's journey with DWTS is showing no signs of ending as he has been roped to act as a mentor to the young dancers in the DWTS Juniors. And Alan had a strange revelation to make about his participation in the show. He revealed that his passion for dance which was close to getting saturated has now been reinvigorated after seeing young dancers dance in the show.

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He said about his participation in the Junior version saying: 

 Like, it just reignited this love for dance in me and it was so nice to see these kids putting their heart on the dance floor. It’s something they’ve never done before

He also revealed that watching his subordinates dance was a nerve wrecking experience. He explained that when he was in the stage dancing, he would just forget everything and immerse himself in the performance. But watching the young kids dance, he stated that he would constantly be praying to God asking him not to mess the performance.

Watch more of Alan and his young dancers, Sky Brown and JT Church on DWTS Junior, from 7 October 2018!

What did Alan Bersten Dancing Partner Say About Dating Him? 

Bersten is outrightly a pro at dancing, but he definitely is a pro at being friends with whoever comes along. But he ended up being more than just friends with the UFC fighter Paige VanZant, his dancing partner -  after he jumped in to fill in the place for injured Mark Ballas. (2016)

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The dancing duo couldn’t restrain from appreciating (on social media) how wonderfully they performed their ultra-steamy salsa. Their intimacy on the dance floor was too apparent to be ignored throughout the season.

Seriously Hot: Alan Bersten performs a sensual salsa with Paige VanZant on Dancing With The Stars (Published on Mar 29, 2016)

They might have seen it coming when The Entertainment Tonight queried during the semi-finals about their building romance. Paige did give a hint, stating,

A girl doesn't kiss and tell.

However, the duo’s closeness is now non-existent. Either they parted their ways or had never had anything more than demanding onstage act.

Does Alan Have Wife In 2018? Or On The Gay Side?

If a handsome and cute guy is either single or gives no bragging about his relationship, then the people don’t hesitate to doubt his sexual orientation. What is wrong with them? They have come to speculating Alan Bersten, a gay!

The dancer has a colorful history of having an affair with former dance partner Paige VanZant and doesn’t mind flirting with the ladies in the house. Just because he positively opinionated same-sex edition of DWTS(2018), doesn’t prove him a gay. And even if he is gay, that's up to him to come out of the closet, and no one should speculate without facts.

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But the chances are he might be rumored to be dating his new 27th season dance partner Alexis just on the verge of their dancing chemistry. 

Who knows if the circumstances favor, he could for real develop feelings for her.

In the 27th season (premiere date - 24th September 2018 ) of Dancing With The Stars, Bersten will likely repeat his impressive performances from the past seasons. 

It seems like there is seldom anything to stop him. Hyperparathyroidism (a tumor in the neck) couldn't; what else? Yes, he underwent surgery in April 2018.

Best Wishes for the 27th season. Make it a win!