Alan Bersten is a professional dancer who rose to fame with his appearances in different seasons of the dance reality show Dancing With The Stars.

His most successful seasons in the show were the 27th and 28th seasons in 2018 and 2019. In the 27th season, he partnered with model and social media personality Alexis Ren and took 4th place after reaching the finals.

In another instance, Bersten partnered with The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown, and the dance couple was crowned the season's champions on November 25, 2019.

With his rising popularity, the talented dancer's personal life has now become a topic of discussion for many of his fans. So, who has Bersten dated so far, and what is his relationship status now?

Bersten Dated His Dancing Partner Alexis Ren

The 27-year-old dancer dated his dance partner Alexis Ren after they became close during the show Dancing with the Stars in 2018.


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The romance began after Ren initially admitted that she was “developing feelings” for her dancing partner Bersten in October.

"And I didn’t see this one coming," the Instagram star stated. “But it happened really quickly though, so I think I’m still trying to process it.”

Soon after that, Bersten and Ren were spotted locking lips after the pro dancer opened up about his feeling for Ren in an episode of the show.

He expressed that he had never experienced a feeling like that before, and he felt it comforting to be around her. Bersten further shared that he had feelings for her, and he felt like falling for her.

After that, the two officially started dating and subsequently secured 4th place in the show after making it to the finals.


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Sadly, their romance also lasted till the end of the show, as the two found it tough to hold on to the relationship while working in different cities most of the time.

According to the People's report, their split was confirmed in December 2018.

He Was Also Linked with His Other 'DWTS' Partners

After his split with Ren, Bersten partnered with the reality star Hannah Brown in the show for the very next season.

Their sizzling chemistry on the stage also gave birth to the rumors of them dating. However, the two never confirmed the dating.


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On February 14, 2021, Brown revealed her relationship with boyfriend Adam Woolard via Instagram.

Before Brown, Bersten was also linked with Dancing with the Stars star Paige VanZant with whom he had danced salsa in the 22nd season of the show in 2016.

The two denied the rumors with nervous laughter when they were asked if they were dating during the show.

Bersten Was Rumored as Gay

Quite baseless, but Bersten was once rumored as gay. Even now, social media and many internet outlets have shown curiosity to know his actual orientation.

But since he has been linked with several divas in the past and expressed his real feelings for Ren, who happens to be a woman, his orientation is pretty obvious.

The rumors, however, came to rise after he commented that it would be great to see the same-gender edition of DWTS in May 2018.

He Is Presently Single

Lately, Bersten has maintained a private life and hasn't been seen with any lady. But on February 14, 2021, he made it clear through a post on Instagram that he was single at the time.


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In the caption, he wished his followers a happy Valentine's Day and asked the singles not to worry, consoling them by saying that he was single, too.

He wrote, "Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovers out there...Also if you’re single don’t worry me too."