Ever since ‘la di die’ singers Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler got together, they have been at the center of cheating allegations. 

Before collaborating on the song, Barrett was dating Sway House member Josh Richards while Hossler was with fellow TikToker Mads Lewis. But despite being in a relationship, Barrett and Hossler got together. So naturally, the fans took this as a sign that they were cheating on their respective partners.


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Their coupling left a bitter taste in their former partners’ mouths. Lewis even went on record and accused Hossler of cheating on her during the entirety of their relationship. Richards also cut off Hossler from his life, who faced the wrath of his former friends from the Sway House. 

Tired of the backlash, Barrett fought back against the accusations and subtly shaded her ex boyfriend through her music. But recently, she tweeted her feelings over the whole situation and dropped a major bomb. 

Nessa Barrett’s Deleted tweet

Barrett, who ranted in a series of tweets, has since deleted her tweets. But it was screengrabbed by TikTok Shaderoom and uploaded on Instagram. 

According to the deleted tweets, Barrett had lashed out about getting harassed online and exposed Richards. She shared she was upset over people harassing her online over rumors and made-up lies when she was finally happy with someone who treated her well. 

In the following line, she wrote that no one had said all these things when she was being cheated on. Although she did not explain her statement further, many fans in the comment section assumed she was referring to Richards. 

Barrett seemed to imply that she did not cheat on Richards, but it was the other way around. 

In her following tweet, she asked people to leave her out of the TikTok drama and stop involving her in made-up dramas. She then iterated that she had moved on and was happy and focused on her music. 

In the comment section, people criticized her for her contradictory actions. They accused her of starting the drama while claiming that she did not want to be part of it. 

Josh Richards Rumored Girlfriend after Nessa Barrett

Although Barrett did not clarify who Richards might have possibly cheated on her with, a few months ago, right after his breakup with Barrett, he was linked to the University of Florida graduate Julie Jisa.

The Sway boy and the blonde beauty had filmed a TikTok dance to ‘7am’ by Lil Uzi Vert. Richards had his arm around her before they started dancing. Fans loved the vibe of the video and assumed they were dating. 

But the TikTok star shut down the rumors and revealed in his podcast, BFFs featuring Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy, that they were friends and had only hung out two times before. 

So far, Richards has not responded to Barrett’s deleted tweet.