Neil Cavuto is a journalist and news anchor best known for his work as a writer and producer for Market Wrap and Business Insider.

He hosts his own shows, Your World with Neil Cavuto and Cavuto Live on Fox News. Since 2018, he has also been part of Cavuto: Coast to Coast which airs on Fox Business Network.

While Cavuto is a successful anchor, he had many difficulties with his health behind the scenes. Nevertheless, the love of his life, Mary Fulling, was always there for him no matter what.

Neil Cavuto. (Source: Wikimedia Commons) 

Neil Cavuto and His College Sweetheart, Mary Fulling

Cavuto knew he wanted to be a journalist since he was a kid. As a result, to pursue this career, he earned a bachelor's degree in mass communication at St. Bonaventure University in 1980. 

However, a bachelor’s degree was not the only thing he achieved at the college. He also met his wife, Fulling.  

The pair used to work together at their school newspaper, where they fell in love. Three years after his graduation, the couple got married on October 15, 1983. 

The two have been married for almost 38 years and have been through thick and thin. Fulling has supported her husband while he battled cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Cavuto with his wife and sons. (Source: Tara’s Facebook

The journalist was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease in the late 80s. However, he did not let anyone know about it because of the fear of letting cancer affect his career. 

Cavuto had just landed a TV job in New York and was extremely paranoid that he would get kicked out. As a result, he got his radiation and chemotherapy in secret with the help of his wife. 

A decade later, there was more bad news waiting for the journalist. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1997 — a neurological disorder with no cure. 

Once again, Fulling was there to support her husband. The pair joke about the disease in a good-natured to lift the anchor’s spirits. 

I joke with her that I use the illness to get out of putting out the garbage or doing jobs at home. Then she'll say, "No, you can still wheel the garbage to the front of the house." She has a good attitude about it, and I need that.

The Cavuto Kids

Cavuto and Fulling share three children — one biological daughter and two adopted sons. Their oldest, Tara, is in her late 30s' whereas their sons, Bradley and Jeremy, are in their mid-20s'. 

According to her Facebook, Tara studied at the West Morris Medham Highschool. She works as an assistant teacher in Children's corner Morristown, New Jersey.

Because of his busy schedule, the anchor was not always present for his children when they were growing up. As a result, he missed many of their games and recitals when they were young. 

But he made sure he made it up to them afterward. He would call and check up on them constantly. 

Cavuto’s daughter, Tara. (Source: Tara’s Facebook)

To date, Cavuto tries his best to show his family he is making an effort and prioritizes them as much as possible. He lets them know they are at his core, and everything revolves around them.

The anchor believes in quality time over quantity of time, and his kids also share the same sentiments. They understand their father is a busy man, and yet he is making efforts for them. 

All that matters is that the journalist cares for his kids no matter what and always looks out for them. Be it via Skype, FaceTime, or being physically present, he is with them, forever.