CNN correspondent Brianna Keilar and her military husband were only enjoying their freshly married life, but another surprise headed their way to bring more joy and excitement to the fulfilled family's life. 

Brianna Keilar is best known as the senior political correspondent and anchor for CNN. She previously was tasked as the national correspondent for CNN Newsource in Washington.

CNN Live: Brianna Keilar taking an interview with Hillary Clinton in the first national television interview of her presidential campaign. (Published on 8 July 2015)

Brianna, aged 37 has also worked as a Congressional correspondent and general assignment correspondent for CNN in Washington previously before being an anchor.

Brianna Keilar’s  Bio: Early Life, Age, and Career

Born on 21 September 1980, Brianna was raised in Canberra, Australia. Brianna and her family moved to the US in 1982 where Brianna graduated from Mission Viejo High School in 1998. Graduating from the University of California, Berkeley in 2001, Brianna received her dual bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and Psychology.

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The 37-year-old anchor joined CNN as a correspondent for CNN Newsource, providing numerous breaking news coverage and reports from the nation’s capital. She had previously worked as an anchor, reporter, and producer for CBS News.

Brianna earned the 2009 National Press Foundation Everett McKinley Dirksen Award for her distinguished reporting of the Congress. Being a general assignment correspondent for the network, she covered a wide range of stories like the 2007 Virginia Tech Massacre.

Brianna Deals With Mother’s Death Through Her Boyfriend's Support

When the 2016 presidential election came to a close, Brianna opened up to People about how she dealt with the loss of her mother while covering an unparalleled fray to be Commander-in-Chief.

Brianna’s mother died in 2016 after a short battle with acute leukemia. Brianna only found out about her mother’s illness just 24 hours before her mother’s death. She was traveling to Kentucky the evening before the state’s presidential primary.

In the talk with People, she stated that her mother was 61 when she died and further added,

 She was so much a part of our lives that I feel her all the time. It’s like she’s just there with me.

Brianna received a lot of support from her boyfriend which helped soften the blow of the devastating loss she faced.

Brianna and Her Husband Pronounced Wedding Vows

The CNN diva was previously married to Dave French in 2009. She and her husband later divorced after which she met Fernando Lujan in 2012. Fernando Lujan is an Army Special Forces officer who serves overseas in the Afghanistan-Pakistan Hands program.

Brianna and Fernando met at a happy hour near the White House in 2012. And over the course of time, from 2012 to 2015 they would bump into each other multiple times. 

Having spent months trying to set Fernando up with her girlfriends, Brianna certainly wasn’t expecting him to ask her out. And that was exactly what happened when he asked her for a date in November 2015, as both of them were singles at the time. 

Their steady dating led to Fernando presenting a ring to Brianna in July 2016. Brianna and her fiance Fernando Lujan had been planning of the engagement before her Mother's death in May pushed back the ceremony two months. 

And the couple decided not to wait any longer to get married after getting engaged.

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Till Death Do Us Part: Brianna and her husband, Fernando giving the brightest smiles on their wedding on 4 January 2017. (Photo: Brianna’s Instagram)

Brianna and Fernando had their wedding in Las Vegas six months after the proposal. The couple didn’t have a typical wedding, but they set out to their day go their way. The venue was not any usual hotel; they went to an art gallery.  

Brianna Was Into News Even When She Was Pregnant!

Briana and her husband had another cause for celebration in 2018, as she was pregnant with the couple's first child. Her heavily pregnant baby bump, on display during various CNN programs, had given up on the couple's newest addition 

It was on 8 June 2018, Brianna gave birth to her son, who’s now more than a month old. Brianna often shares pictures of her family that includes her husband, her husband’s son and now there’s a new addition to the family.

Regarding her husband’s son, there aren’t any pieces of information about her husband’s previous wife or partner. The only thing that is sure is that Brianna loves the son like her own.

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Quite A Handful: Brianna posts a picture of her husband struggling to cope with their two sons on 14 August 2018 (Photo: Brianna’s Instagram)

The new member has the family busy with one thing or another and that seems to have strengthened the bonds within. Before the little one was born, Brianna didn’t neglect her work and still anchored news despite being pregnant, which is definitely something to be respected about.

Now that the family has been more than complete, Brianna and her husband have been living the cliche of happily ever after.