Tiffany Haddish is now ready to adopt a child!

Having been raised up in the foster system herself, Haddish claimed that adoption was a very important step in her life plan. 

Concluding the Foster Care Awareness Month on a high note, Haddish recently revealed to ET that she had even completed the parenting classes required to start the adoption process. 

All Set to Adopt a Baby

The 41-year-old comedian admitted to the outlet that she was in the process of deciding on adoption. Especially with the pandemic having wreaked havoc around the world, she believed that there were many children that needed parental support. 

Haddish also talked about how she actually wanted to be a foster parent and be there for kids just like herself. 

However, considering her fame and status, her legal advisors suggested that adoption might be a better alternative, and in compliance, she has already begun the preliminary steps required of her for the process of adoption. 

Not A Toddler

She further explained that she would much rather adopt a child that can talk, possibly use the restroom to a certain extent, and most certainly not a toddler in that regard. 

She reckoned that establishing communication would be simpler with a child that can at least form sentences. She then revealed the intent that drove her to want to become a parent. 

All I want to do is pour knowledge in ... get them ready for the big, bad world. That's what I want to do.

Parenting Classes In May

The celebrated comedian had made headlines early on in May when she exclusively revealed to E! that she was taking adoption classes with the intention of adopting a child in the near future.

At the time, she had also clearly stated that she was looking to adopt someone who was about five to seven years of age. 

"I want them to know that I put in the work and I wanted them," she added. 

She Might Already Have Babies

The outlet further reported it was unlikely that Haddish would take the natural route to pregnancy now. Further along in the conversation, the Kids Say The Darndest Things host let her fans in on a lesser-known fact about her early years. 

She revealed that when she was 21 years old, she was really short on funds, and so she "gave up a bunch of eggs." Meaning she volunteered to give her eggs to fertilize somebody else's womb. 

"So who knows? I might got some kids out in these streets," she joked. "I doubt it though because I never got the bonus." 

Haddish has been in a relationship with rapper Common for just over a year now.

As per her statement to E!, if the couple ever does decide to get pregnant, she said she would be a wife, not a baby mama. 

That being said, she explicitly ruled out the surrogate route to pregnancy because she did not want to pay anyone to carry her baby. Also, surrogacy was too intense a medical procedure for her.