Jaiden Animations is famous for story-time animation videos that touch on various topics and her personal experiences. 

The animator has massed almost 11 million subscribers and over 1.9 billion views. 

Although she has revealed her face to her online fans before, Jaiden is keen on keeping her privacy and rarely talks about herself.

But on March 20, she surprised fans when she uploaded the video ‘Being Not Straight.’

Jaiden Animations

Jaiden Animations on being an Aroace (Source: Jaiden Animations/YouTube)

In the video, she opened up about her sexuality as an aroace and her dating experience. 

Jaiden Animations on Her Sexuality and Relationships

Jaiden shared that she was an aroace, an aromantic asexual, which was not the same as being gay. 

She said that aromatic and asexual were two different things and broke down what those two meant. 

Starting with aromatic, she defined it as “someone who feels very little to no romantic attraction to anyone.”

These people do not develop crushes or feel the need to be in a romantic relationship with anyone. 

As an example, she recounted her experiences, claiming that she never had crushes growing up.

“I remember in fifth grade when kids were talking about their crushes left and right and it felt like something I had to experience too,” said Jaiden.

After that, she decided she needed to have a crush and randomly chose a kid in class, whom they called Pikachu.

Pikachu meant nothing to the animator, but having that crush made her feel normal. 

She went through her school years never being attracted to anyone, and by the time college rolled around, she felt like she had to have a boyfriend to ensure she was not getting left behind.

Jaiden Animations Discovers She Is Aroace

In college, she met someone she found cool and wanted to spend every moment with them. 

At first, Jaiden thought she had developed her first crush, but looking back now, she realized she had felt nothing romantic towards that person. 

The YouTuber never really understood why she was feeling the way she did, and for the longest time, she thought she was a pansexual or a bisexual. 

But she had to learn consciously on her own that she was aromantic. 

And on her journey to self-discovery, she also realized that she was asexual. 

Asexual people do not feel a sexual attraction towards others, and as Jaiden mentioned, she was never blown away by someone’s physicality. 

She then learned that she was aroace, someone who was both asexual and aromantic, and claimed that while most people felt broken about being one, she felt the opposite. 

“I think aroace is one of, if not the coolest and most confident LGBTQ orientations out there. Not needing a single gram of romantic or intimate validation from anyone is so cool. All you need is yourself to be happy,” said Jaiden. 

But despite feeling cool and confident about it, she acknowledged that she felt lonely because she could not relate to anyone.

She said that romance was taught as a basic assumed emotion and that romance and intimacy made people human. 

However, the YouTuber disagreed and said that basic empathy made people human.