Dee Snider has been a heavy metal musician for almost as long as he has been in a marriage. He has always taken his professional and personal life side by side.

But there were times when his career and fame affected his relationship with his wife, Suzette. The couple always worked their issues out, though.

They have been married for over four decades, and she has been with him through hell and back in those years.

Dee Snider and Wife Suzette's Love Story

Snider was never a ladies' man. He was "obsessed with girls" but could never win their attention.

He was interested in music, but even in that, he did not fit in. He did not do drugs or drinks and "looked like a freak" when he hung out with the musicians when he was young.

But he went with music to win over women's hearts. "I started a band so girls would notice me," he told The Sydney Morning Herald in April 2019.

It was also through music that he met his wife, Suzette.

At 21, he was performing at her cousin's ID. And Suzette, 15 at the time, turned up thinking she would witness a girl band perform.

"I saw her and flipped. She was this hot Italian beauty," he said of the time he saw her for the first time at the event. He even told her he would be famous one day.

That was when their relationship took off, and it's still going strong.

However, it's not that Snider and Suzette have not gone through their share of hardships over the years. The first of those came in 1984.

They got married in 1981, and his band grew to become chart-toppers during the same time. In 1984, when his band, Twisted Sister, was doing the best they had ever done, the success and fame got to his head.

Dee Snider has been with his wife, Suzette, for over four decades.

Dee Snider has been in love with his wife, Suzette, for over four decades. (Photo: Suzette/Instagram)

"It went to my head. I became a megalomaniac," Snider confessed about the time. This strained their marriage, and they almost broke up.

They saved their relationship, though. The pair solved their issues through marriage counseling.

Eight years ago, Snider and Twisted Sister would be at the opposite end of success. From 1984 to 1992, he lost it all — fame, money, and success.

Suzette, a costume designer by profession, had to go back to work until Snider recovered the band's mojo. She helped in this process, coming up with the band's logo, doing the band members' makeup, and making costumes.

"Suzette has stuck by me through thick and thin," he gushed about his wife. Not only did she help him keep his rock star dream alive, but she also helped him achieve his other wish — having children.

Dee Snider's Family and Kids

Snider has four kids with his wife — Jesse, Shane, Cody, and Cheyenne.

The musician's family is also a group of reality TV stars. They starred in Growing Up Twisted, an A&E show about their family.

The first and only season of the show came in 2010 when all his children were becoming adults and paving their own way into the show business.

"We wanted to shine a light on what they're doing," Snider said of the idea of doing a reality show.

The season showed Shane doing his stand-up, the premiere of Cody's short film, and Jesse's newborn. It also revealed Cheyenne's struggles with being in front of the camera at such a young age.