On August 26, the older sister of the rap-dance musical duo Taylor Girlz, Daysha Taylor, announced on Instagram that she was pregnant. 

She accompanied the announcement with a photo of her looking sharp in an all-white ensemble comprising a white blazer dress, heeled boots, and cowboy hats.

Daysha thanked God for blessing her in ways she could not imagine, but she also noted that this was not how she wanted to deliver the news. 


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She did not look happy in the photos, and that’s because, at the time, she was involved in a ‘Bundles’ drama with meme queen Kayla Nicole. The two were feuding after falling out during the video shoot of the viral TikTok track. 

Both parties were heated during the beef, which led Kayla to leak Daysha’s pregnancy news. Kayla had pulled out a text from Daysha which featured an invitation to her gender reveal party. Daysha and her sister Ti Taylor did not take Kayla’s betrayal well. 

The duo went on Instagram Live and got everything off their chest. 

Daysha Taylor’s Gender Reveal

It appears Kayla really got dis-invited to Daysha’s gender reveal party because she was nowhere to be seen at the party. 

On September 20, Daysha uploaded the gender reveal party vlog on the Taylor Girlz YouTube channel. The video started with Daysha snacking, and then she gave a rundown of the day’s schedule.  

Daysha’s boyfriend and the father of the baby, Quik V, also made an appearance halfway through the video to taste the food prepared for the party. Daysha then took the viewers around the kitchen to show them the menu for the party before she went off to get ready. 

In the next part of the video, Daysha and Quik are walking into the party venue. Both of them are wearing a matching pastel blue outfit, clearly expressing their interest in having a baby boy. The parents also admitted that they are on team baby boy. 

The couple enjoyed the party for a while before the actual gender reveal happened. Everyone moved to the parking lot, and instead of the usual balloon popping, Daysha took a different route.

A Mercedes Benz swerved into the lot, and several girls dressed in pink dresses strutted out of the van to Beyonce’s hit song ‘Run the World (Girls).’ confirming that the couple was having a daughter.

Daysha Taylor Criticized

After the party, many fans congratulated the new parents and wished Daysha a safe delivery. 

But of course, hate also came her way for the way she revealed the gender of her baby. Gossip blog outlet, The Tea Room uploaded a video on YouTube and claimed that fans had criticized the mom-to-be for using “hookers” to reveal the gender of her baby.

Some even thought the girls looked like Kayla. 

But The Tea Room clarified that the ladies were supposed to be Barbies and showed support for Daysha, saying that she liked the idea and thought it was cute.