Caitlyn Jenner has had quite a life. From being an Olympic Gold-medal-winning decathlete to a reality TV star to an advocate for equal and fair treatment of transgender people in society, she has done almost everything there is to do.

Her family — the Jenners and the Kardashians — has been a staple in the reality TV business for a long time. Almost all of her family members feature in various reality shows. Almost.

There are a few, however, that remain out of the spotlight. Her children from her first marriage are some of those who choose to remain out of show business.

Jenner's eldest daughter, Cassandra Marino, is one of her first two kids. Marino especially remains out of the limelight and leads a life that brings her very little attention.

Who Is Cassandra Marino? Her Parents and Siblings

Cassandra "Casey" Marino (née Jenner) was born on June 10, 1980, to Caitlyn Jenner and Chrystie Crownover. She was born the second child to the couple, who had their son, Burt Jenner, on September 6, 1978.

She was born and raised in Malibu, California, and was raised mostly by Crownover alone. Jenner and Crownover were separated and going through a divorce when they realized they were pregnant with Marino.

Cassandra Marino has nine siblings from her father's three marriages — one biological, four half siblings and four step siblings.

Cassandra Marino has nine siblings from her father's three marriages — one biological, four half-siblings, and four step-siblings. (Photo: Cassandra Marino/Facebook)

Jenner remained out of her life for a long time, not even attending her birth in Los Angeles. That was the case until recently — they reconnected only after Jenner's transition in 2015.

When Marino was 11 years old, and her brother was 13, they found out about their father's transition to being a woman. They were one of the first ones to know about Jenner's internal struggles with her identity back in the '80s, which was also when Jenner began her transition.

She was really struggling with her gender identity when Marino and her brother were growing up, which caused her a lot of guilt about having parental shortcomings. However, the duo has now reconciled their relationship.

Mario told People magazine in October 2016, "My relationship with Caitlyn is much better than with Bruce, but we still have a lot of work to do." They were reconnecting through the many gatherings Jenner organized as a part of her transition and getting-used-to process.

"We didn’t talk for years, and now we see each other every couple of weeks and talk on the phone, which I am grateful for," Marino added, detailing how they were talking about "girly" topics of makeup and clothes but also sharing feelings about being women.

Marino felt like Jenner was having more fun and was getting more comfortable with her true identity the more she saw her.

Jenner, after her divorce from Crownover, married twice. Her second marriage was to Linda Thompson, with whom she had two kids — sons Brandon Jenner and Brody Jenner. And her third marriage, to Kris Jenner, blessed her with two daughters — Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner.

Besides Kendall and Kylie, Jenner also became a step-parent to Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Robert Arthur Kardashian from her marriage to Kris.

So, with the Jenner-Kardashian family tree clarified, we can say that Marino has nine siblings — one biological sibling, four half-siblings, and four step-siblings.

Cassandra Marino’s Married Life — Husband and Children

Marino married her husband, Michael Marino, on May 20, 2006. They have three children together.

Cassandra Marino with her husband and children in 2017.

Cassandra Marino with her husband and children in 2017. (Photo: Michael Marino/Facebook)

While the couple has not revealed the birthdays of their first two children, both daughters, their posts on Facebook suggest they welcomed their third child, a son, in October 2016.

The couple now lives with their family in Santa Monica, California.

They are not that active on social media — Marino seems not to have even a public Instagram — but they occasionally post pictures of their family on Facebook.

Her private Instagram's bio says she "loves to build homes and bring new ideas to life." Maybe she is in the home renovation business, but that is just speculation for now.