Tell White House reporter Eli Stokols that it’s nearly impossible to move on from a failed marriage and he’ll probably scowl you right away. How come? You have to read on to know the answer.

The Irvine native is a veteran journalist, and he is prominently recognized as WSJ White House reporter based in the Los Angeles Times Washington, D.C. bureau. He also runs his website where he inclusively covers Trump White House for The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

Career Height: Wall Street Journal reporter Eli Stokols discussed Trump's comments on Syria with MSNBC's Brian Williams. (Published: 5 April 2017)

Besides, Eli is a proud alum of Politico- which is an American political journalism company based in Arlington County, Virginia.

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From writing for the sports department of the Irvine World News to the White House Coverage, he has gladly remained attached to his journalism career.

Eli Stokols Bio (Age): Parents & Education

The reporter was born on 13 July 1979 in Irvine, California. His father, Jeannette J. Stokols is the founding dean and a chancellor’s professor emeritus at the School of Social Ecology at the University of California. And, his mother Daniel S. Stokols is a retired clinical psychologist.

Having parents in progressive aspects of their career, Eli was destined to receive a quality education. In 1997, he attended the University of California, Berkeley where he did his B.A. in History & Mass Communications. He continued his education at Columbia University and graduated in Journalism in 2002.

You Guys! Learn How To Propose From Eli Stokols

The 39-year-old reporter has had a smooth career but encountered a relationship set back resulted from the failure of his first marriage. There is very little or nothing to remorse upon as he’s found another woman to relish a lovely relationship.

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He found his new fling, Elena Cecilia Schneider, while they both were working for Politico. They came close during the 2016 presidential campaign.

When Eli had enough of outset dating, he couldn’t help but pop the question in hopes of turning Elena into his fiance in 2017. He romantically got down on his knee in a 109 years old boat floating down a canal in Amsterdam, with a ring to offer- which Elena gladly accepted.

Engaged: Eli Stokols got engaged with Elena Schneider on a boat in Amsterdam in 2017 (Photo: Elena Schneider's Instagram)

A romantic holiday ended up with the couple getting engaged. The engagement couldn’t last for more than a year. But, here it ended on a positive note of wedding vows.

Eli Stokols Moved On In Married Life; Congratulations!

Eli is not among those who dwell on their unfortunate, incident but he is among those who are brave enough to leave the past in the past and move on. And the proof is that he’s a married man again.

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Despite experiencing a bitter marriage failure with the previous wife-whoever she is, he has turned Elena from fiance to wife in September 2018. They got married at the Augsburg Lutheran Church in Winston-Salem, N.C.The couple is in married life bliss and if the circumstances favor they have a long way to go.

See, moving on is, possible and most of the times it takes away the gloom in exchange of joys.