American news anchor Ukee Washington has never failed to keep himself surrounded by the people who love him, but how much tea has he spilled about those people in the media?

Ukee Washington is well known for anchoring Eyewitness News on CBS 3 alongside Jessica Dean. He is also known for being the former host of Eyewitness News This Morning on CBS.

Height Of Career Development: Ukee Washington chats with Eric Moody about his three decades working on CBS, his family and wise words of wisdom on Eric Moody Official (Published on 20 August 2018)

Ukee is the second cousin of American actor and director Denzel Washington.

Ukee Washington’s Bio Reveals His Career's Initiation From Early Age

Born on 20 August 1958, Ulysses Samuel ‘Ukee’ Washington III was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

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He started his career as a sports anchor at WBBH-TV in Florida and WSB-TV in Atlanta, eventually joining KYW-TV as a weekend sportscaster in 1986.

It was in 1996 when the 60-year-old anchor began to contribute as co-anchor at KYW on morning newscasts. Adding to his daily anchoring contribution, Ukee provides viewers with a special segment of the morning newscast called Keepin’ It Reel where he previews one of the week’s movie releases and chats with the releases’ casts and directors.

It wasn’t long before Ukee started to host The CW Philly with Erika Von Tiehl and Talk Philly with co-anchor Pat Ciarrocchi weekdays at noon. He left the segment and now anchors Eyewitness News on CBS 3.

How Much Salary Does Ukee Washington Earn? 

As a news anchor, who has contributed more than three decades in his career heightening, there’s no doubt that Ukee earns more than an average anchor or host.

According to sources, the average salary of a CBS 3 Philadelphia News Anchor ranges from $62,438 to $64,391 while the top earners are paid more than the latter, and Ukee must earn more than the above-mentioned amount of salary.

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In fact, as a cousin of Denzel Washington, Ukee has made his fortune through brief moments in movies like Unbreakable (2000), Signs (2002) and The Manchurian Candidate (2004 remake).

He has also added to his account by appearing in the CBS drama series, Hack and The Happening in 2008. So, it's quite safe to say that his net worth is calculated in millions.

Ukee Washington's Married Life In Shadows

As much as Ukee enjoys his job, and calls it a vacation instead of work, he faces a fair amount of trouble while dedicating his time with his wife, Laurie during work days.

You saw it right, Ukee is married and has a wife who is a physical therapist at BAYADA Home Health Care in Wilmington, Delaware.

But despite the fact that Ukee has quite an unusual schedule, he makes up for the lost time with his wife on the weekends as he tells delcotimes,

We make up for it on the weekends when I sneak in some early morning golf, and we head to a movie. Yes, matinees. I’ve gone to movies as early as 11 a.m., and never see a show that starts later than 2:45.

If that’s not enough to prove how much he loves his wife, God knows what else he could do to contribute to his married life.

Other than this, Ukee has never talked freely about his married life and the fact that he feels comfortable to keep his married life with wife behind the curtains is pretty respected by his fans.

Ukee's Did Not Believe He Had A Cousins

Ukee has not mentioned anything more regarding his wife or if he has children, but one thing that people are familiar with when it comes to his family, is his relation with Denzel Washington.

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So, here’s the thing, Ukee and Denzel are second cousins, once removed. And when Denzel did the film, Philadelphia, Ukee’s father told him about the relationship which was a big revelation for Ukee, so he wasn’t ready to believe it at first.

But the two cousins finally met in 1991 and have been family friends ever since.