Afua Hirsch once lied about her roots being Jamaican out of embarrassment regarding her original black heritage. But now, her perspective has somersaulted so utterly that she has chosen to be with a partner, who holds her once spat ancestry.

The Norway native gained controversial recognition through her comments on Nelson’s Column in August 2017 in an article in The Guardian, for which she previously worked as a journalist. She added another controversy in May 2018 by a hard-hitting debate with Piers Morgan of Good Morning Britain, on account of her opinion regarding re-assessing the heroic statue of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Writing Career: Afua Hirsch's book, Brit(ish) that reveal the uncomfortable truth about race and identity in Britain buzzes in the market (Published on 2 Feb 2018)

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Besides journalism and elite writing career, Afua also has a reputation of a broadcaster, a former barrister and as the Social Affairs and Education Editor for Sky News from 2014 to 2017.

Afua Hirsch Bio(Age): Parents, Heritage

The journalist ponders deeper about racism and equality for her 41 years of age. Her crank point of views might have been shaped on the verge of her parents belonging to different races.

The former barrister was born on 12 June 1981, in Stavanger, Norway. But she grew up in London.

Afua’s father is British while her mother is an Akan from Ghana. Her appearance happened to incline more towards her mother’s African ancestry which made it difficult for her to adjust in the crowd of white kids during the early days; the reason she once hated her African roots.

In hopes of lessening the shame, she used to lie about her heritage being Jamaican.

Afua Hirsch Found Life Partner In College; From Dating To Welcoming Baby Girl

It won’t be wrong to say that Afua’s racial preferences switched when she was in college as she chooses her partner who had Ghanaian descent.

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The writer was doing her Graduate Diploma in Law at the BPP Law School when she encountered her partner for lifelong, Sam, who was from Tottenham, north London, but had Ghanaian descent.

The pair were pursuing a legal career and soon became college sweethearts. Their romantic side of the relationship can be speculated as the couple went from dating to tying knots and finally welcoming a baby girl in 2011.

Afua Married & Moved With Husband, Sam

The broadcaster had experienced first-hand racism from growing up among the whites to keeping up in the career which is one of the reasons she doesn’t hesitate to make crude comments even on honored legends if she found out them to be racist.

And after her marriage, she grew bolder moving to Ghana with her husband.

The married couple moved back to the land, where there was abstinence of odds, the land where they belonged. The move was not merely an escape as Afua became more fearless throwing the reality in the face of the ignorant.

She published her book titled Brit(ish) in January 2018. The book has put light on everyday racism and reflected the challenges of searching identity in a world where the brights push the darks into darker.

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Though the writer's harsh remarks agitate most of the people, she is in no mood to stay shut.