American television news anchor, reporter Faith Daniels has accumulated a huge fan following through her reporting and speaking skills, who, despite Faith's activeness in the media, shows concern regarding her life behind the camera.

Now, if you too are one of Faith's fan and are curious to know about her on a personal level, follow us in the preface below, as we will be shedding light on Faith's married life!

Faith Daniels' Short Bio (Age): Education

Born on 9 March 1957, as Faith Augustine, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Daniels, age 61, attended Trinity High School in Washington, Pennsylvania.

She was initially a member of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority during her time at Bethany College in Bethany, West Virginia.

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Faith Daniels' Married Life With Husband, Dean Daniels

Faith Daniels is in a happily married relationship with her husband Dean Daniels, a television producer. Faith first met Dean during her college time when Dean, a news producer, approached her to do the news for the Campus Television Station.

Faith then hesitated to come out on TV and rejected Dean's proposal with a simple 'no.'  

Afterward, the two never crossed each other's path until Dean applied for a job at the same place Faith was working, the WTRF-TV in Wheeling, West Virginia.

The news director for the TV chose Dean over other candidates, and since then, Faith started working with Dean.

Eventually, the pair became best of friends, working together and even double-dated; as Faith set him up with other girls.

However, with a quality time spent with each other as good friends, the couple eventually started dating and ultimately got married in 1981.

The couple later became parents to their two children; son Andrew, daughter Alyx Ray. However, additional information about their children remains confined from the media.

Couple Alert: Faith Daniels, Dean Daniels at Martire Center, 21st March 2016 (Photo:

During an interview way back on 24th April 1988, expressing that having a child gave her a whole new outlook towards life; Faith gushed that even if she loses her job, she would be fine, as no one could take her family apart. She further added that she would take as many children as God gives her. 

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Faith also went on to reveal that she has a beautiful bond with her husband despite them not being able to spend much time with each other. The duo meets only on Saturdays and forgets all the bothering things of the whole week that day.

Faith also quoted that she and her husband never fought in their seven years of marriage, which hints that their relationship is nowhere soon heading toward divorce. 

As for now, Faith looks to be content with the family she got and the job she holds. She has evidently set an example of working women, who can balance both work and home without things complexing her relations. 

Faith is now a self-employed Freelance Journalist and Media Consultant, working with significant company CEOs and executives on strategic messaging and delivery skills. 

Faith first began her national news career by joining the CBS News as an anchor for The CBS Morning News in 1985; at the age of 28, she was one of the youngest national news anchors.

Later in 1990, she joined the NBC as an anchor for Today and eventually became the host for the now-defunct News at Sunrise

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In 1991, she became the first journalist ever to host her own national daily talk show called A Closer Look (later renamed Faith Daniels). One of the show's most famous interviews was with Stacey Koon– one of the police officers involved in the beating of Rodney King–on 24 October 1992.

With over three decades of service that Faith has provided to her profession, she sure receives an impressive salary that helps boost her net worth. But till this date, Faith hasn't disclosed the details on that matter.