Lee Cowan, the veteran journalist, has dedicated nearly 30 years of his life ensuring the "right to information" of the general public. The Emmy award-winning journalist has spent more than two decades spread over two periods working at CBS News and is currently working as a National Correspondent for the same corporation.

But, is his personal life as successful as his professional career? Continue reading the article to find out!

Lee Cowan's Bio: Career, CBS News, NBC News

Lee Cowan (born Leland P. Cowan) was born on 1st May 1965 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He completed his education at the University of Washington in 1988.

Lee's career started after he joined the CBS-affiliated television station WWMT in 1995. He later served as an anchor and reporter for WLWT-TV in Cincinnati.

In 1996, Lee joined the CBS News which was the breakthrough in his career as a news anchor. While working for the CBS News, he covered some major stories like the September 11 New York attack, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the tsunami in Indonesia in 2006 and the 2006's conflict in Beirut.

Further, Lee Cowan left the CBS News in 2006 and joined the NBC News in 2007. While working there, he covered some crucial events including the election campaign of Barack Obama during the Presidential Election of 2008 the tsunami that had occurred in Japan in March 2011.

Lee reunited with the CBS News in 2011 and is serving as a national correspondent and as a substitute for CBS Sunday Morning. During his career, he has also conducted interviews with some public figures including Michelle Obama, Bruno Mars, comedian Carol Burnett and tennis legend Billie Jean.

Lee Cowan Married Younger Wife, Molly Palmer 

Lee, 54, got a humble start to his professional and love life in the 90s decade as he got a job in television and even got married.

Though his status as a TV anchor has only gone up from there, the same can't be said about his private life, as he could not celebrate the start of a new millennium (the 2000s) with his then wife. The couple got divorced in 1999.

Lee has never revealed the name of his former spouse or the reason for his divorce.

After living for nearly a decade as a single man, finally, in 2009, there was some light of hope for Lee when he met Molly Palmer, an associate producer for the NBC's "Today." 

Molly is the daughter of John Palmer, who was a White House correspondent for NBC News and a news anchor for “Today," and also the reason for Lee getting into the news business.

Lee and Molly were both working for NBC at that time and had even worked on some stories, but it was the case of the missing boy which is infamously known as the "Balloon Boy" that blossomed their love.

The couple hit it off quickly and even started finishing each other's sentence, even though they didn't know each other very well back then. The two began dating shortly and despite the age gap of 17 years, the couple's love never diminished.

In fact, it was Lee's maturity that impressed Molly the most. According to Molly, Lee had secretly flown to Washington, D.C. to seek the permission of her parents even before he proposed Molly for marriage.

Lee later offered Molly for the wedding in July 2011 on a beach in Kauai, Hawaii. The lovers tied the knot next year on 14 April at St. Alban’s Parish in Washington and held their reception at the Chevy Chase Club in Maryland, the same venues her parents chose for their marriage 30 years earlier.

Wedding Bells: Lee, Molly all smiles on their big day (Photo: Matt Roth for The New York Times)

Despite the difference in their age, the new husband and wife looked made for each other. And of course, their destination wedding was lit.

Lee Cowan Gone Mediterranean With Newborn

The second time married man took quite a time to add a new member in his family. After nearly four years of marriage, Molly got pregnant with their first child in early 2016 and gave birth to a son, Kevin Spencer Cowan in December.

The new father was enlivened with the arrival of the new member and he proudly showcased his joy on 19 June 2017 through an Instagram post celebrating his first Father’s Day.

Son In The Air: Lee Cowan is a happy father on his first Father's Day (Photo: Lee Cowan's Instagram) 

The happy family has taken a new toll on their living this May 2018. They recently bought a Mediterranean-style villa in Venice for a relishing worth of $2,325,500.

The house is three-storeyed with living space of 3,500 square feet and encloses four bedrooms with a total of three bathrooms.

The first floor boasts an open-style living room, dining, and kitchen, the second floor has the master bedroom with a fireplace and the third floor offers a sun-drenched room with a deck for an amiable scenery.

Kevin Spenser Cowan shall have a good time running around the house as he grows up amidst successfully established parents.