If you are the regular viewer of the television program MythBusters, then you know Tory Belleci and her beautiful co-host partner, Kari Byron. With a decade of the duo working together on the show with mutual bonding, the speculation of them dating each other and staying in a relationship buzzed on the media. 

So, Are they dating in real life? And anywhere near getting married? Oh, wait! What about any other girl?

Find out all the answers to your queries in the following section!

Tory Bellici Relationship With Kari Bryon: Kari Outraged On Tory's Gay Rumor

Tory Bellici, who follows the Christian religion, often got picturized as the boyfriend of American television host Kari Bryon due to their decade-long dual presentation at the MythBusters alongside a fellow host Grant Imahara.

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Tory also timely got spotted together with Kari fueling up the rumor of their relationship.

Happy Birthday: Tory Belleci wishes his pal, Kari a happy birthday on 19th December 2016 (Photo: Instagram)

Though there was a lot of rumors of Tory and Kari's relationship, later on, it came to the limelight that two were just good friends and nothing more than that, as Kari got married to her love Paul Urich in 2006.

After three years of marriage, Kari took a maternity leave from the show to welcome her first child, Stella Ruby. Well, it seems that Kari is happily living her life as a wife to her spouse and as a mother to her lovely daughter.

Despite not being in a relationship, it looks like Tory and Kari have a beautiful bond of friendship and are there for each other whenever they needed. After leaving the Mythbusters in 2014, the two even hosted another show Thrill Factor together and have worked together on many other projects as well.

Moreover, because of the low-keyness, Tory was once rumored to be a gay, but his well-wishing friend, Kari denied the accusations saying it was completely false and even called the allegation to be very stupid and ignorant.

Tory's Dating Rumor With Suspected Girlfriend

Talking about Tory's relationship status, there are not many rumors about him being married or having a future wife lined up in the line. 

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Even though Tory has kept the information about his love life in a closed box, we have found that he has been in a relationship in the past. Back in 2013, one of his Twitter posts hinted that he was in a relationship with the senior production coordinator of the MythBusters, Francesca Garigue.

On 20th September 2013, he wished her rumored girlfriend Francesca a Happy Birthday and wrote her the three magical words I Love You. Interestingly, Francesca quoted Tory her darling and said that she loves him too in the reply.

But since 2014, Tory and Francesca stopped flaunting their love interest to each other on Twitter. The reason could be the new girlfriend figure that entered his life in the following year.

Who Is Tory's New Girlfriend In 2018? Sign To Getting Married?

Tory, who happens to be the famous model maker, seems to be busy working on his new projects of model making and holding salary from his works adding to a net worth of $2 million. But in his personal part, he could be looking forward to making a girlfriend his wife.

Yes, he is not single, he never was. Following the silence with rumored girlfriend Francesca, he bonded with a beautiful looking woman named Erin B During February 2015. Had it not for her Instagram posts, we would have never got to the revelation. 

Girlfriend: Tory Bellici with girlfriend Erin B having a day off at beach (Photo: Erin B's Instagram)

The good news is, the love between the pair in 2018 is as lively as it was in the begining. Erin still lands occassional posts with Troy suggesting that they have been together for years. 

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Already three years into the relationship, and the chances of the duo getting married cannot be avoided. He sure will have Erin as a dreamy wife.