Graham Bensinger had only one love in his childhood, reporting sports. However, as a grown-up, his passion has expanded from one to two, and he is juggling them beautifully.

The 31-year-old is the brainchild behind hugely successful radio program In Depth with Graham Bensinger which is syndicated whole over the US and peeks over 80 million households. He hosts the show alongside host Danica Patrick and is on its ninth season as of November 2018. He is also a regular contributor to sports network ESPN and NBC.

Graham Bensinger interviews J.J Watt for In Depth With Graham Bensinger (Photo:

Graham's career started when he was in the 8th grade, starting his own internet-based sports radio station. By 2003 he was already in the mainstream radio, with his show airing on Sporting News Radio. After that, he moved into ESPN radio and worked with not just the radio but whole network.

Graham has also contributed for ESPN Broadcasting Network and NBC Sports, and his interviews have made the biggest of programs including the SportsCenter, NFL Countdown, NFL primetime along with various others sports shows.

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As of 2018, he is still associated with  In Depth with Graham Bensinger, which is syndicated all over the states in various radio networks. Graham also has a YouTube channel which is updated weekly with new content of his shows.

What's more, he also acts as a writer for various news magazines including Maxim, FHM Magazine, and The Huffington Post. His in-depth interview style and well-articulated questions have helped to create a brand of Q&A pattern making him synonymous with sportspersons interview. 

His interview with NBA superstar Dennis Rodman revealed numerous facts about the superstar that had remained hidden. Not only did Rodman opened up about his flings with Madonna and Carmen Electra, but he also talked about his gay fantasies. Rodman revealed his admiration about gay CNN personality Anderson Cooper and also acknowledged that times had been much more comfortable for gay sportsperson now.

Over his career, he has interviewed popular figures like Muhammad Ali, Pete Rose, Aaron Rodgers, Tony Hawk, Mark Wahlberg and many more. One of his most remarkable interviews was with Mike Tyson at his Las Vegas home, which earned him an Emmy award.

Graham's unique ways of delving into the superstar's life have made him one of the most heard sound in the states. He is listened by more than 80 million listening households, and his show is one of the best-rated sports show in the US and commands a huge salary for his appearance in TV. According to Glassdoor, as a news anchor, he is estimated to earn an average yearly salary of  $52,791.The popularity has been reflected in his net worth also, which resides in millions.

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America's favorite sportscaster was born on 17 August 1986 in St. Louis, Missouri. He is a graduate from Syracuse University. Despite his father being a financial advisor and grandfather a dentist, Graham had only one love, Sports.

However, one love turned two for the sports reporter after finding his girlfriend. 

Flaunts Quality Time, But Furtive Identity

Graham is in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend. The sweethearts started dating in mid-2015, and have been inseparable ever since. 

Graham Bensinger spends Valentine's Day 2017 with a girlfriend  (Photo: Graham Bensinger's Instagram)

The couple is together on special occasions whether that be at Christmas date night, or at the Great Wall of China. They also went on a trip to Africa together for which Grahams shared a video with his girlfriend. The couple travels a lot together.

Despite not revealing about his girlfriend's identity, one thing is sure the couple is madly in love with each other and ready to walk the altar to be pronounced husband and wife. 

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Graham's Insta wall is adorned with cute snaps of him and his girlfriend. But recently his Instagram is filled with his professional endeavors and no romantic posts have been made with his girlfriend since the new years day of 2018.

But Instagram doesn’t define the status of their relationship wholly, we just hope the once inseparable couple are still together!