Antonietta Collins had been in a long-term relationship with her professor boyfriend. In fact, he was the one who motivated her to pursue a career in journalism in the first place.

Collins is a Mexican-American television personality best known as a bilingual sports reporter for ESPN.

She had previously served as a sports anchor for Univision Deportes’ morning show Despierta America and also produced and anchored Univision 23’s local sports show Accion Deportiva Extra.

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Antonietta started her career as a production assistant at Univision Broadcasting Company in 2007. Back then, she used to collaborate with producers from national programs such as Nuestra Belleza Latina and Premios Lo Nuestro.

Joining Univision’s Noticias 48/FOX2 news team in 2009 was the milestone of her career where she had the first on-camera job in news reporting.

Antonietta Collins  Derives Impressive Salary From ESPN

Antonietta joined ESPN in September 2013 as a part of the digital media team. Initially, she was involved in enterprise reporting and interviews for features.

She also appeared as a guest-host ESPN’s night show, Baseball Tonight. Moreover, she hosted One Nación on ESPN Deportes. Later in 2016, she was promoted to SportsCenter news anchor and presently serves in that position. 

Antonietta derives an impressive salary from ESPN as she has been associated with the media for nearly a half-decade.

According toGlassdoor, an ESPN journalist's salary can range from $52K to $60K per annum. So, Antonietta as a news anchor of the network, is likely to receive the same. Being one of the more renowned reporters, she also dedicates her time to awareness programs and charities.

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Antonietta Collins's Bio: Height, Education

The prominent sportscaster was born on November 22, 1985, in Mexico City to mother Maria Antonieta Collins, an award-winning journalist and author.

Antonietta, whose family was originally from Veracruz, moved to the United States at a very young age. She grew up in Miami along with her elder sister.

Her parents divorced soon after they moved, and in 1995, her mom married a naval architect, Fabio Fajardo, who passed away of kidney cancer in 2006.

Antonietta, who stands at the height of 1.57 meters (5 feet 1 inch), was a talented youth football player and contributed two years with the U19 Mexican national team.

Dual citizenship holder, Antonietta graduated from Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications, with importance in Sports Management. She later entered the sports business as a production associate at various TV and radio stations in Florida.

Antonietta Collins's Family: Mentions Them On Social Media

The anchor shares an affectionate bond with her parents. Antonietta and her mother are quite similar to one another in many ways. They even share an identical name but are spelled differently. They are occasionally seen at social events together.

Antonietta also posted a family picture in May 2018. She also mentions her late father on her social media. Back in 2017, she wished her father a happy birthday stating that she misses him every day.

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A daughter's love for demised father: Antonietta wishes birthday to her late father in December 2017 (Photo: Antonietta Collins's Instagram)

Antonietta doesn't hold back while sharing old pictures of her father, constantly reminding her fans that she embraces the beautiful bond with her father even though he waNovember 15 in the world.

On November 15, 2018, the sportscaster posted an old picture of herself as a kid, and her father on Instagram, and the caption was a beautiful quote from a movie,

You only die when you're forgotten, and I never forget you

The comments were filled with love for Antonietta. Some people even shared stories about their loved ones and penned good words about her late father suggesting that he must have been a wonderful model for his daughter.

Not just her father, Antoniette often shares old pictures of her mother as well. 

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How Adorable: Antonietta posts an old picture of herself as a baby and her mother on Instagram (Photo: Antonietta CNovember 2stagram | 2 November 2018)

While Antonietta is pretty open about her love for her family, she doesn't share the same view for her love life.

Is Antonietta Collins Married or Still Single? Quite a Mystery

The newscaster, who is currently unmarried, always has her love life a mystery. There is not much news or gossips about her being involved in a romantic relationship with a boyfriend.

However, as per the article published in 2017, she was in a long-term relationship with Mark Bergmann, a professor by profession. Her husband-like boyfriend, Mark, was the manager of WRMU 91.1 FM at the time, and she was a member of the station.

Mark encouraged her to be self-confident and was the one to motivate her career in journalism. Since then, there are haven't been any reports on her relationship, with Mark or otherwise.

So, until and unless she opens up about her relationship status on her own, it's difficult to say whether she is single or is committed to her boyfriend, Mark.

Update: Antonietta Collins Is Dating a Boyfriend

As of recent (Late 2021), Collins has been flaunting her boyfriend on her Instagram on a relatively frequent basis.

On October 14, 2021, the ESPN commentator put up a post to commemorate a beautiful date night with her boyfriend.

The photo featured Collins wrapping her hands around her beau while he gently placed his around her waist. All the while, the adorable couple was beaming smiles at the camera.

That being said, the newscast is yet to reveal the identity of her boyfriend to the general public. For now, we're content with the fact that they look super happy together.