Rick Steves is best known as the host of the PBS network's long-running travel documentary series, Rick Steves' Europe. He also hosts a public radio travel show called Travel with Rick Steves and has authored numerous travel guides. 

All through his life, Steves has lived and breathed travel; so much so, his two grown-up children have followed his footsteps.

Read on to know about the travel guru's personal life, including gay rumors, divorce, children, and his career!

Gay Rumors Arose After Divorce With Wife

The Barstow native was married to Anne Steves. He separated from his wife in 2010.

Rick and his wife share two grown-up children: a son named Andy and a daughter, Jackie Steves.

Rick Steves with family

Before divorce: Rick Steves with wife and children (Photo: Pinterest)

After his marriage ended, rumors started to swirl regarding his sexuality.

The rumors were fueled when he discussed gay travel in Europe on his Facebook page in March 2017.

However, it would be inappropriate to conclude him to be a gay person only with his professional endeavors. After all, he is also a proud father of two grown-up children.

Rick Steves’ Children Follow His Footsteps 

Rick's son, Andy, grew up traveling with his family in Europe. He followed his father as he updated guidebooks, made TV shows, and organized tours.

It's no surprise that Andy took his father's footsteps and demonstrated the same interest as his father in traveling.

Now, he is the founder of a travel company, Weekend Student Adventures Europe. He wrote a book comprising his traveling experiences and titled it, "Andy Steves' Europe: City-Hopping on a Budget."

He also runs a podcast, interviewing close international friends collaborating with fellow travel entrepreneurs.

Likewise, Rick's daughter Jackie also prefers exploring various places in the world.

Made Career Through Passion for Travelling

Steves had a passion for traveling since an early age. He even taught travel courses through a student-run program of non-credit programs at the University of Washington. 

He upgraded his career by publishing general traveling guides for Europe named Europe Through the Back Door in 1980. He then opened a store that gave piano classes and a travel center in Edmonds, Washington.

The travel guide hosted his first television show, Travels in Europe With Rick Steves from 1991 to 1998. Now popular, Rick Steves' Europe was his second show that debuted in 2000. The show reached its eleventh season in late 2020.

His weekly public radio program, Travel with Rick Steves, first aired in 2005 and is still successfully running.

Moreover, he published various guidebooks such as 'Europe 101: History and Art for Travelers' and 'Travel as a Political Act.'

Besides the books, Steves runs the traveling website, which comprises the European vacation for families at reasonable prices.

On the website, he ensembles tours to include small groups, great guides, central hotels, sightseeing, and memories to last a lifetime. Moreover, he sells traveling accessories such as planning maps, travel bags, and guidebooks.

Motivates Fans To Travel More

While viewers find something oddly comforting about turning on a Rick Steves' television special on PBS, Rick has transpired a way to push them out of their comfort zone.

His book, 'Travel as a Political Act' which has been revised and published in a third edition, encourages people, especially Americans to jump beyond tourist attractions and engage with people they meet.

The fact is there's nothing like actually getting on an airplane and flying somewhere and hanging out with people who see things differently than you do. It really knocks your ethnocentrism for a loop. 

He even revealed that many Americans went to Disney theme parks or Las Vegas for vacation every time. Then, he asked his fans to increase their appetite for reality.

Confessing that Americans had the shortest vacations globally, Steves concluded the interview by suggesting them to use time smartly.