TikTok sensation Nessa Barrett loves her name. But Nessa is not the name her parents chose for her. She revealed what her real name is and why she does not like it!

The Reason She Does Not Like Her Real Name 

According to Famous Births Deaths, her real name is Janesa. When she was out once in September 2020, a reporter asked her if her real name was indeed Janesa. She acknowledged that it was true, but she prefers being called Nessa.

Further clarifying, she explained that she does not like her real name. This is because Janesa sounds so much like Vanesa but starts with a J, so she'd rather people not call her that. 

The TikTok Star Opened Up About Her Life

With a massive TikTok following of 10.3M, there is a lot that fans want to know about her. 

In March 2020, Famous Birthdays posted a YouTube video where Barrett answered a bunch of questions. From embarrassing moments to future plans, she opened up about a lot of things. Here is a list of the most interesting answers! 


Her height is 4'11. In her videos, she seems taller, but when her fans meet in real, they are a little surprised that she is so small. 

Inspiration To Join TikTok

Her younger sister was obsessed with it and inspired Barrett to join TikTok. 

Reason For Her Popularity

The 18-year-old celebrity thinks that the reason for her popularity is the fact that she follows the trends.


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TikTok Collaborations

A celebrity she would like to collaborate with on TikTok was Tana (Mongeau). 

Most challenging TikTok Video

The most difficult video for her to film was the renegade dance because she does not consider herself good at dancing. 

Favorite Person To Film With

Her favorite person to film with was Josh Richards. But she added that he got annoyed when she wanted to film 20 videos when he just wanted to film one. 

Best Birthday

Her best birthday ever has been her 17th birthday. She went on The Boys Of Summer Tour and got an opportunity to meet a lot of fans. 

Most Embarrassing Moment

One of her most embarrassing moments was when she almost fell down the school stairs. There were a lot of people around, and it was pretty awkward for her.

Advice For Younger Self

If she could give one piece of advice to her younger self, it would be to continue being herself and not change for other people. 

Dream Job

When she was younger, Barrett's dream job was to become a doctor or nurse. 

Pet Peeves

Her biggest pet peeve is when people chew with their mouth open. 


Her biggest phobia is heights. Although many other things scare her, heights, spiders, and clowns terrify her the most.

Future Plans

In the next five years, she envisions herself continuing with her social media because she loves it.