Katherine Timpf, also referred to as Kat Timpf, had teased her followers on Twitter with regular mentions about her perfect boyfriend. Rest assured, prospective partners thinking about getting married to Kat Timpf should possess a particular set of characteristics.

The 29-year-old American TV personality, reporter, and comedian Katherine Timpf is best known for her works with Fox News channel, like fellow journalist Arthel Neville. She is a regular on Fox News Channel's The Greg Gutfeld Show and also contributes to other shows on the network.

Married to Comedy: Katherine Timpf mocking celebrities' advertisements to avoid throwing in votes for Donald Trump (Published on September 25, 2016)

During her early years, Katherine worked as a video and print reporter for The Leadership Institute’s CampusReform.org, located in Arlington, Virginia.

Katherine Timpf's Bio: Journalist & Comedian

Moreover, she also worked as a digital editor for The Washington Times, Total Traffic Network and, NASA’s Third Rock Radio. With that, she has also appeared in various programs like Fox and Friends, American Live with Megyn Kelly, and more.

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For her contributions in the journalism sector, she began to get appreciation and was awarded the 2012 Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship Program grant.

As part of the scholarship scheme, she presented her work on rendezvous subjects based on California: As California Goes, So Goes the Nation: The Consequences of Following Golden State Policy.

A journalist with a comical heart, she has also done standup comedies at various parts of the states. A libertarian by political belief, she is a regular contributor for national newspapers and journals where she pens columns and satire pieces on topics addressing American government and culture, often using humor, sarcasm and satire.

In December 2015, she branded Hillary Clinton as a fake sexist for her botched handling of Bill Clinton's scandals.

Her remarks about the hit movie franchise Star Wars eventually led to her receiving death threats from the franchise fanatics.

Katherine Timpf's Time With Fox

With the Fox network, she is a regular contributor for The Greg Gutfeld Show and also contributes to other news shows. She also served as the co-host of Fox's The Fox News Specialists, from May 2017 to September, the same year before the show's cancellation.

With her immense contribution to Fox News, she is also a reporter at National Review Online, where she expresses her opinions about the American government in a satirical and humorous manner.

Katherine Timpf's Hefty Salary And Networth

Despite having the financial side of her jobs undisclosed, she commands a high salary, owing to her status as one of the most known faces in the network.

Her salary is on the higher side of the average salary with Fox. Kat Timpf is believed to earn a six-figure sum with the network. Not just that, owing to various other exertions as a column writer, standup comic, and presenter, she has a net worth in millions.

Katherine Timpf Lost Mother To Cardiac Amyloidosis

Born on October 29, 1988, the star news presenter is close to her family. She lost her mother to cardiac amyloidosis and time and again posts to raise awareness in the common public against the killer disease.

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Moreover, she is very close to her father and labels him as chief and one of the most important people in her life. Her family also consists of a sister who makes regular appearances on her Instagram posts. 


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Katherine, the valedictorian of her high school, graduated magna cum laude from Hillsdale College with a B.A. degree in English in the year 2010

Katherine Timpf's List Of Rumoured Boyfriends

Katherine Timpf's love life, however, is a bit complicated. She was rumored to be dating photographer Joel Pavelski. But, she refuted the suggestions that he was her boyfriend and called him a platonic friend—not a boyfriend.

Moreover, she was involved in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, Blake, a Radio Jockey. The couple has long parted ways but have remained amicable towards each other and are friends for life.

Criteria For Her Husband-To-Be To Get Married

Timpf has not had a relationship in the public eye thus far, but that hasn't stopped her from letting the world know what kind of a man she wants to date. Well, it is more than likely that the man she has been describing doesn't even exist.

She shared in 2012 that she wanted a boyfriend who could clean her litter box and help her with the household chores. Thus far, her demands have been reasonable, right?

But in 2015, she put up a tweet where she quipped that she wanted a boyfriend who was a portable electric charging port so that she could charge her e-cigarettes and her phone.

Choosy About Her Future Husband: Katherine Timpf tweets about her prospective boyfriend qualities on Twitter on October 4, 2015 (Photo: Kat Timpf's Twitter)

Despite expressing her willingness to get married and settle down with a husband, her quirky demands have apparently shooed away any potential suitors. She could be waiting for a dream guy who could not only fulfill her set of demands but also keep her happy to get married.

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But in August 2018, Katherine blatantly suggested getting married. But it's not what most people would guess; she was considering marrying her phone. Yes, her phone! 

This was probably because she's too engrossed in it, and she went to the extent of posting a picture of her fiddling with her gadget on Instagram with the caption directly hinting at her planning to marry her phone.

So, it might take a long time before Katherine finds her perfect husband. Well, she's taking her time, and let's hope that she'll stay happy whether she finds love or not.

Quick Facts About Katherine Timpf:

1. Katherine stands tall with a height of 5ft 6inches (1.69m). 

2. Katherine is a libertarian and not conservative. She has been very strict about her views and opinions to this date. 

3. Katherine belongs to American nationality. 

4. Mostly known for her satirical comments, Katherine in one of her Twitter posts called Donald Trump 'a hack.'

5. Katherine has got a cat named Cheens, that she saved from the LA streets in 2010.

6. As much as people love her, Katherina has to deal with several internet bullies almost every day.



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Katherine Timpf finally found her perfect husband—likely, someone who she loves more than her phone.

She married her husband, Cameron Friscia, on May 2, 2021, in a ceremony officiated by Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, who hosts Kennedy on Fox Business.