American television personality sure has the charming look of a gay man. On top of that, in 2014, he actually came out as one on a national television show.

The Staten Island-native is an American comedian, actor, and producer. He rose to prominence with the comedy TV show, Impractical Jokers. He is also a member of the popular comedy troupe, The Tenderloins.

Impractical Jokers: IMPRACTICAL JOKERS punishment with Sal – and his dad! (Published on 5 October 2018)

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A lover of his own job, the comedian's never-ending jokes about his relationship never fail to assume his fans and followers.

Sal Vulcano's Bio: Age, nationality, ethnicity

Born as  Salvatore Edward Anthony Vulcano on 6 November 1976, in Staten Island, New York, His parents separated when he was at a young age. Fortunately, he has a sister named Jenna- who has appeared on his show, Impractical Jokers- with whom he grew up.

He possesses an American nationality and the mixed ethnicity of Italian, Puerto Rican, Cuban.

In 2014, Sal Vulcano Came Out As Gay-- With A Twist!

With his confined relationship life and love affair with privacy, on top of which, at one time, Sal actually came out as gay in 2014 on a national television show, Daytime Talk Show. His previous rumors regarding his sexuality suddenly seemed true-- however, with a slightly tasty twist!

Shortly after his coming out, his co-member and close friend, James Murray also came out as gay on the Sally Jessy’s show. The two outings created a huge number of speculations about if the friends were actually dating, among others.

The big question being asked about the two friends coming out as gay included: Were Sal and James dating each other? Was James his ‘girlfriend’? Or was this whole plot just a big ‘impratical joke’ from the impractical joker?

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It later turned out that it was actually a well-thought and premeditated action from Sal to come out as gay to help his beloved friend, Sally, to truly embrace his sexuality as a gay man.

Twitter Logistics: Sal Vulcano has his say on his sexuality (Photo: Sal Vulcano)

To quench your thirst about his sexuality, no, he isn’t gay as he admitted to being straight when revealing his humble plot to save his friend from the anguish of hiding in the shadows from his true self.

Is Sal Vulcano Married? Wife. Girlfriend, Single?

As mentioned before, for a private-uber man, there is nothing more Sal loves than his love for comedy and his private life to remain so.

Rarely or more precisely, never has he sung about his relationships. Never has he acknowledged the existence of his past flames, his former and now girlfriends-- except in his well-hooked and deliciously crafted jokes. It is in those peculiarly funny jokes where he is also married to a wife.

But when the dust sets in, so does reality and the truth-- that he’s one genius man who has managed to hide his personal life behind shadow in an age of social media and numerous privacy leaks.

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For the sake of fun and argument, let’s imagine that, in fact, he is married to his wife from his tweets, the same wife who told him to take her somewhere special-- to which he replied by saying, ‘try the kitchen because we just finished remodeling a few minutes ago.’

But jokes aside, whether he is married, dating girlfriends or single, it remains as big of a mystery as the curiosity of his fans to know more about the handsome stud!