On 13 July 2011, a black woman walked on the red carpet with German basketball star Dirk Nowitzki during ESPYS awards. Later, after winning an award, when Dirk kissed the said girl, the entire fan-base erupted in a loud cacophony, which, in most of the cases, wasn't critical but supportive and excited.

The said black woman was Jessica Olsson, mostly known for being the wife of the famous German basketball player Dirk Nowitzki, who is a professional basketball player playing for Dallas Mavericks in NBA and German National Basketball team.

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Jessica's husband considered one the world's best power forward playing in the game today and has earned the staggering net worth of $140 million.

Jessica Olsson Bio: Age & Height

Born to Kenyan mother and Swedish father, Jessica Olsson grew up in Sweden with her twin brothers, Marcus and Martin, both of whom are professional football players for Swedish national teams; Martin plays for Swansea City and Marcus for Derby County in the English leagues.

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Jessica's mother is a native African, from a small market town in Kenya.

Jessica stands at the height of 5 ft. 2 inches, which when compared to her Dirk Nowitzki's daunting height of 7 ft., looks unbelievably short.

Met Dirk In Charity Event, While At Her Job; Bonded Over Shared Love For Arts & Sports

Dirk and Jessica met during Sports for Education and Economic Development charity in Dallas. One of the attractions of the event was auctions for the paintings, and Jessica had a job at Dallas Art Gallery at that time.

Because Dirk won the bid for one of the paintings, he met Jessica and two instantly bonded over their shared like for arts and sports.

When, a year later, they first appeared in public together, it created a lot of stirs among the fans and peers, because Jessica was black and it wasn't conventional for a white sports personality to have a black partner.

Most of the voices, however, were supporting, often times hailing them for showing a positive image of the mixed-race couple in the sports sector.

Jessica & Dirk Had Traditional Kenyan Wedding

After dating for two years, Dirk and Jessica got married on 20 July 2012 in a traditional Kenyan wedding in the hometown of Jessica’s mother, Nanyuki.

The wedding was quite a new experience, but in a fun, adventurous sort of way, for both Jessica and Dirk, who both grew up in Europe.

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Traditional Kenyan Wedding: Jessica Olsson & Dirk Nowitzki wearing traditional dresses during their wedding (Photo: theundefeated.com)

As per typical Kenyan wedding tradition, Dirk was asked to find out his wife among the five veiled women, which he did successfully, showing how much he knew and loved Jessica.

Teaching Children Best Of Both Kenyan & German Traditions

The couple’s love was strengthened by the birth of their first daughter in July 2013, and then two sons in early 2015 and late 2016.

Although residing in Dallas, the couple takes their children on the yearly trips to Kenya and German to expose them to the culture and traditions of both of their parents. It is important to not forgets the roots, to know where one came from.

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In spite of racial difference, Dirk and Jessica are one of the happiest celebrity couples. They have shown that color of skin doesn't matter when it comes to love.