Ysabel Jordan Age 4 Bio: Jordan Twins With Victoria Jordan As Sibling

Date: 01 Nov, 2018

Ysabel Jordan Age 4 Bio: Jordan Twins With Victoria Jordan As Sibling

What does it feel like to be a celebrity kid? NBA legend Michael Jordan’s daughter Ysabel Jordan will tell you when she grows up. Don’t expect her to speak right now because she is a toddler at age 4 learning to transform her mumbling into complete speech.

Ysabel Jordan is the one-half of twins of NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan with his second wife Yvette Prieto-who is a model. Her birth was documented in Celebrity Babies section of People’s Magazine.

Who's Who: It is hard to distinguish Ysabel Jorden from her twin sister Victoria Jorden in their newborn photos. (Photo: Mamasatinas)

Ysabel’s parents got married in April 2013 and brought her into the world alongside twin sister Victoria Jordan seven months after the wedding in February 2014.

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Her father Michael was previously married to Juanita Vanoy for almost seventeen years before splitting to divorce in 2006.

Ysabel Jordan’ Bio (Age): Shares Parents With Twin Sister & Step Siblings

Ysabel was welcomed into the world on 9 February 2014 alongside her twin sister Victoria Jordan. The twins made Michael a father for the fourth time and they have three grown-up step siblings namely Jeffrey Michael,24, Marcus James, 22, Jasmine, 20 from his first marriage to Juanita Vanoy.

The four years old’s model mother is a Cuban while NBA legend father is African American which outrightly gives her and Victoria Jordans a mixed heritage.

If her 6ft. 6 inches towering tall father’s gene defy to come in action, her height shall be average as she grows up perhaps standing equal to 5 ft. 6 inches tall mother.

Ysabel Jordan Rich Kid To Relish Parents’ Net Worth Huh!

One privilege of being born to celebrity parents is inheriting their limelight while another is boasting their net worth which is certain to come in handy while having a luxurious time growing up.

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It won’t be that big of a deal for the parents who unthrifty spent $10 million on their wedding to pay bills for their children’s luxury. So, Ysabel and all her siblings are fortunate on the matter.

Walking Down The Aisle: Ysabel's Parents- Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto walking down the aisle on their wedding day in 2013. (Photo: Team Jordan's Instagram)

Her father Michael who rose to fame during the 1980s and 1990s as a 6-time NBA Finals champion and MVP has a colossal net worth of $1.65 billion while her mother’s value stands at $5 million.

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The twin sisters better wish their parents avoid divorce at all circumstances because if the split happens to occur, their mother will not be getting any share from billionaire father’s assets. As it turned out, the father has had enough of paying record settlement money to the former wife and made the new one sign a prenup deal before marriage.

But they need not worry about the shares for their parents are living their blissful married life to the fullest. And obviously, they have a long time to grow before they finally become able to figure out the financial stuff.