American socialite Juanita Vanoy became famous after marrying NBA Hall Of Famer, Michael Jordan. The marriage not only propelled her to the public imagination but also brought little bundles of joys in her life along with a whopping addition to her net worth.

The former model is also a successful business persona and is the president of Vanoy Jordan Enterprises LLC.

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After a brief stint as a model in her early days, she also worked as an executive secretary for the American Bar Association. Moreover, she is also the founder of the charity organization Michael and Juanita Jordan Endowment Fund.

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After her divorce with Michael, she has also embarked in the real estate business.

Juanita Vanoy's Biography: From Model To Socialite

Born on 13 June 1959 American national Juanita Vanoy was raised in Southern Chicago. During her early days, she was a very intelligent, classy, and hardworking lady making a name for herself as one of the best students in her college.

Having been interested in facing the camera from an early age, she had already been a part of many modeling projects and photoshoots after finishing her high school.

She had also worked as a loan officer at a bank before rising into fame for being the girlfriend of Michael Jordan, then a hotshot in the world of basketball.

Why Did Juanita Vanoy and Michael Jordan Break Off Their Engagement?

Beautiful and gorgeous Juanita never thought of gaining such popularity and fame until she started dating Michael. Love, at first sight, must be real, at least for Vanoy and Jordan!

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The lovebirds met at a restaurant in Chicago in 1984. Vanoy--an ultimate example of beauty with brains immediately struck in MJ's mind. And the couple met again in a few week's time at a party after which they formally started dating. 

Ex-Flames: Vanoy and Jordan pose for a picture together during their time together (Photo: Pinterest)

Although the couple was happy with each other, Jordan’s family was not. Her closeness with Michael made his parents feel like she was taking their son away from them. However, instead of MJ's parents taking the couple apart, they got engaged.

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The hottest couple of the 80s era dated for three years and escalated their relationship through engagement. All seemed not well in their smitten love story as the couple broke off their engagement shortly after Juanita had accepted the ring on 31 December 1987.

Juanita Vanoy Marries Michael Jordan Despite Broken Engagement

Every couple has their share of differences and misunderstandings.

The loved-up duo also had their fair share of troubles in their marriage, whether that be claims of MJ being a womanizer, or his parents being against his girlfriend. However, Juanita and her boyfriend sorted those differences out and got married in 1989, two years after getting engaged.

They had a lavish wedding, but their choice of the wedding dress was quirky as they exchanged vows in jeans at Las Vegas.

Whatever, be the dress, it's the partner's commitments that matter when you are getting married, and Juanita and Jordan had already made one. Vanoy was already pregnant with their first child Jeffrey during their wedding.

Soon over the years, the couple graced two more children into the world, son Marcus (1990) and daughter Jasmine (1992). 

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And, apart from giving MJ the happiness of family, Juanita fulfilled her part of 'I Do' taking in the role of supportive wife. She was there for her husband throughout many of his controversies.

Jordan Family: Juanita and Michael pose for a picture with their children (Photo: Pinterest)

The children are all grown up now. Jeffrey and Jasmine are already engaged with their lovers. Likewise, living up to their father's name, both their son Jeffrey and Marcus are an American Basketball player. 

Juanita Vanoy Ends 17 Years of Marriage With Michael Jordan

No matter how hard we try to fix something, sometimes it’s just not meant to last forever. Having settled one during their engagement, the couple had a serious disagreement at the turn of the millennium.

And this time, their relationship did not triumph, rather it crumbled. Juanita filed for divorce from her husband in 2002 and their split was finalized in 2006.

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And according to the settlement, Juanita was awarded the custody of her kids.

Jordan Kids: Juanita poses with her children who are all grown up now (Photo: Rucuss)

Moreover, she was on the receiving end of a huge windfall from Jordan's fortune of more than a billion dollars, owing to the fact that the couple had not signed a prenup.

Most Expensive Divorce In History Boosts Her Networth

Once the couple's divorce details floated around to the news portals, it left the commoners shocked. Juanita had received a massive sum of $168 million and a seven-acre Chicago mansion as per the divorce settlement along with the custody of her children.

Her net worth which stands at around $170 million, has largely been supplemented by Jordan's alimony money. Despite being on the back end of the sentence, it has done little to hinder Michael's net worth as he is still worth more than a billion dollars.

After the divorce, Juanita has been largely anonymous and focused on making it big in her business career. Jordan meanwhile has found love again and is now relishing the biography of a married man, having been married to Yvette Prieto in 2013