Everyone seeks a partner who will always stay by their side, support, and motivate them, no matter how difficult their situation is. And it seems that Marques Brownlee has found just the one.

The tech-savvy YouTuber, professionally known as MKBHD for his gadgets review, is dating his long-time girlfriend, Nikki Hair, who has always stood beside him at every stage of his life. And the feeling is mutual between the two.


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In this article, know about the relationship status, marital status, and dating life of MKBHD, who is estimated to have a networth anywhere between $12 million to $45 million dollars by various sources.

Is Marques Brownlee married to his gf?

As of writing, Brownless has never walked the aisle in his life, as there have been no reports of him getting married or having children to date.

But what is known is that he is in a dating relationship with his long-time girlfriend, Nikki Hair. 

Who Is Marques Brownlee's girlfriend, Nikki Hair?

Marques Brownlee's girlfriend, Nikki Hair, is a frisbee player who has played for the likes of Drew University's ultimate team, Metro North, and Xist Ultimate Team.

In November 2022, she wrote a lengthy emotional Instagram caption about her lengthy injury in a video she uploaded where she was seen playing for New York Xist. She wrote,  

The last practice of the season, we all shared what we think it means to play with no regrets, 5 days later this commentator somehow said my answer almost word for word. After years of injuries I’m happy to finally be at a point where I’m trusting my body to do what I’ve trained it to do with no hesitation.

Shout out to @matchfitperformance for starting me on this journey, and every teammates workout selfie that has kept it going.


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Occasionally, Nikki's boyfriend MKBHD visits her girlfriend in the field to cheer her up and sometimes is seen together with her in practice matches and post-sessions. If you didn't know. Brownlee is also a professional ultimate frisbee player. He was the 2022 WFDF World Champion in the Open Category for ultimate Frisbee. 

And as both are professional frisbee players, Hair often posts pictures of them playing on the field.

Currently, Hair's age remains unrevealed as of now. On the other hand, her boyfriend Brownlee turned 29 in December. On Instagram, the cute gf of MKBHD wrote, "Started dating a 29-year-old in December," posting a series of pictures and videos in a single post, reminiscing her memories with him and others. 


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Hair revealed in one of her  March Instagram posts in 2020 that her mother gave birth to six kids, writing in a post, "I think this was the moment I realized how strong women really are. Mom a few minutes after delivering baby (6), aka @misteeray (internationalwomensday)," on the occasion of International Womens Day. 


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Marques Brownlee's girlfriend is his biggest supporter

Marques Brownlee's girlfriend has always supported him, and their relationship has flourished since it started. And Hair is his biggest supporter. 

Her love and support for the Columbia High School graduate can be seen in her Instagram post dated June 4, 2020.

The post featured a video of MKBHD in which he second-guessed his frisbee talents and questioned whether he could be on his team because of his abilities or because he was a black person.

He opined being black may have met the criteria for his crew to select him.


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Marques Brownlee with his girlfriend Nikki Hair.

Marques Brownlee with his girlfriend, Nikki Hair, in Bayonne, New Jersey, in August 2021. (Photo: Instagram)

Referring to the story of her boyfriend, Hair wrote in the post's caption that those words were hard to hear and even harder as they came from someone she loved a lot.

She backed up her boyfriend and stressed that he was good at what he did and that his color did not affect his talent.

In addition, she encouraged other people to educate themselves and have conversations with their children and other people around them regarding the subject.

Also, she mentioned that she still had many things to learn and wrote she would continue to use her rights to speak up.

Marques Brownlee and Nikki have been dating since 2016

Brownlee started dating his girlfriend in late 2016. were first spotted together on August 12, 2016, when Hair shared a picture of herself alongside Brownlee, with them holding a trophy. 

Following that day, the pair was seen together in different places. Besides, Hair doesn't miss any chance to flaunt pictures alongside her partner.


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For instance, when the duo went to The Plaza Hotel to attend Stevens' gala on April 14, 2018, Hair took the chance to share a lovely picture of that moment in which they were seen sharing a smooch.


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Likewise, the two have also shared some funny instances, which can be seen through Brownlee's tweet of August 27, 2018.

In the tweet, Brownlee mentioned he had told his girlfriend he would cook dinner that day, but just five minutes later, he ended up having to get eight stitches on his finger. 

The 1.9 meters tall YouTuber and his partner are usually seen doing workouts and engaging in activities such as long-distance cycling and vacationing.


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She also took to Instagram to celebrate their fifth dating anniversary.

"Happy 5 years. Swipe for two awkward babies who only threw hammers at league to each other," she captioned a carousel, including pictures with her beau. 

No doubt that Brownlee and Hair are going strong in their relationship. Given that their romantic relationship is only flourishing, it wouldn't be a surprise if he proposed to her anytime soon and made her his wife.


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