American writer and comedian Karen Kilgariff, who is best known for hosting the highly popular podcast My Favorite Murder, has been extremely private about her romantic relationships. The co-author of 'Stay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered' has been vocal about various difficult aspects of her life, including her past body-image issues and addiction to drugs and alcohol, but has never opened up about her love entanglements.

Her fans are aware that she is a divorcee but are oblivious to the details surrounding her failed marriage. As such, they have often wondered who she was married to.

For instance, a Reddit user writes: “I'm just SO CURIOUS! I scoured the internet high and low to find out who Karen Kilgariff's ex-husband is …. I cannot believe the internet cannot tell me who she was married to. Anyone have any intel?”

Upon some digging, the following findings have been uncovered.

Karen Kilgariff Had Hinted About Her Divorce But Never Revealed With Whom

It is unclear exactly when the podcast host got married, or how long her marriage lasted, but her divorce can be dated to around 2013. In November 2013, she had hinted at her divorce in a tweet joking that a person’s car gets repossessed when getting a divorce:

The writer hardly ever spoke about her divorce ever since (even loosely) on public forums. That is until in July 2018, when she tweeted that “glamp all you want you’re still getting divorced” should be the conclusion to every glamping article. It might be reading a bit too much into it, but the tweet had a slight indication that she used to go glamping (short for glamorous camping) with her ex-husband. 

Karen Kilgariff's Ex-Husband Seems To Be A Co-worker From The Ellen DeGeneres Show 

It has been uncovered that the writer's ex-husband was a man named Peter S.Thompson. This is from her divorce case filing from January 2013 that detailed the case as having been registered by a man of that name in the jurisdiction of LA County. So, who is this Peter S Thompson?

Looking through Karen Kilgraff’s professional relationships, a connection can be found to a cinematographer by that name who used to work as a camera operator from 2006-2008 in The Ellen Degeneres Show. Fans of My Favorite Murder know that there was a time when Karen was quite close to Ellen and performed opening acts for Ellen’s stand up shows in the early 2000s. She also wrote materials for Ellen’s Stand-up comedy routine Ellen Degeneres: Here and Now. Later she was hired as a head writer for The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she worked from 2006-2007— which is during the same time as when Mr. Thompson was a camera operator there. Thus, it seems plausible to conclude that the cinematographer is the podcasters ex-husband.

A look through Peter's Instagram reveals that he is married to a woman named Nikki S.Thompson with whom he shares two baby boys:

Karen on the other hand is seemingly still single, but she recently hooked herself up with a gorgeous Midcentury Ranch House in LA; so it’s all good. 

Karen Kilgariff Left The Ellen Degeneres Show On Bad Terms

Interestingly, the writer had a fallout with Ellen Degeneres over an incident during a writers' strike in 2007. Ellen fired her when she refused to cross the picket line during the strike and never spoke to her again.

The incident - which wasn’t given much thought to by the general public when it actually happened - resurfaced in March 2020 when Ellen’s employees launched a flurry of anecdotal allegations against her for actually being a very mean person, contrary to how she portrayed herself on-screen.

Speculating that Karen Killgraff was close to Peter Tompson while working on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and noting that Peter quit working for Ellen just a year after Killgraff was fired, - one might wonder if Peter quitting Ellen had anything to with Karen’s controversial discharge too. Hmmm.

But best not to get ahead of ourselves. That’s too much detective work already.