With the news of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton purchasing their marriage license in Oklahoma almost breaking the internet just recently, it's safe to say that their wedding is the talk of the town. 

But in a subversion of their massive superstardom, their vows will be exchanged in an intimate ceremony with just their families present. 


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It Will Be a Simple Wedding

During an April 2021 episode of Late Night Wat Seth Meyers, Stefani revealed that they were keeping the wedding really simple and fun. She added, 

We're going to make it really fun, but it's not going to be a big [event]. It's not like the queen and king are getting married or something like that.

And she was definitely not kidding about the simplicity. She went on to state that the guest list would not include a lot of musicians.

Apparently, the couple was looking forward to getting hitched in the presence of just their family. 

So much so that Stefani told Meyers that there wouldn't even be a band at the wedding. 

"I feel like we're just going to go with a playlist," she said. 

Shelton Built a Chapel for the Wedding

Just because Stefani promised a simple wedding, it did not mean that the wedding would be any less romantic.

In fact, being the hopeless romantic that he is, Shelton actually built a chapel on his Oklahoma property for the auspicious occasion. 

An insider with US Weekly confirmed that the 'God's Country' singer handpicked a small team of local carpenters to build a beautiful altar and that they have been working on the interior for many months. 

The source also revealed that there was a tasteful décor, and the guests would have enough space to sit back and enjoy the ceremony. Not just that, the guests were also invited to stay the night on the property.

There Will Be an Epic After-Party

As for the ceremony itself, the source disclosed that both the coaches would be coming up with their own vows.

They would be choosing Biblical passages that resonated with them the most, as well as the music for during and after the wedding. 

After the vows, the party would be held on the property in a nearby marquee and have lots of entertainment, food, and drinks.

The source expected an epic post-wedding party, with Southern BBQ, vegan, and vegetarian food options for the guests.

Finally, the couple would hand out "very special going away presents," according to the insider.

The outlet reported that the presents would include something symbolizing the wedding and a few keepsakes engraved or signed by the newlyweds.

Stefani's Calling the Shots

The outlet also affirmed that the majority of wedding decisions, from the food to the groom's tux, were being made by the wife-to-be. 

"I think [Stefani] knows that it would be a pretty classless wedding if I was in control,” Shelton joked on USA Today.


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Shelton also admitted that if he were in charge of the food, the entire menu would be "everything fired."

As far as the tux was concerned, Shelton confessed that he never choose his own clothes for any formal events anyway. 

So having Stefani choose the groom's tux was not a wedding-specific scenario; that was everyday stuff.