The Ellen DeGeneres Show will end after its 19th season.

Ellen DeGeneres announced her show’s next season would be its final on Wednesday after almost a two-decade-long run.

The hugely popular chat show recently celebrated its 3000th episode, and DeGeneres opened up about her decision to put an end to the show. She revealed she had already decided the 19th season would be her last when she renewed the contract for 3 more years after the 16th season.

DeGeneres thanked the show’s viewers and fans, calling her years as hosting the show “the greatest experience of [her] life.” She promised that the next season would be a fantastic one and it would be dedicated to thanking all the viewers who helped the show succeed.

Portia de Rossi Wants DeGeneres To End The Show

DeGeneres’s wife, Portia de Rossi, had been urging the talk show host to put an end to the show for a few years. DeGeneres opened up about this to The Hollywood Reporter, saying her actress wife wanted her to do something that challenged her.

[Portia is] also selfish and wants me to do things that I’m challenged by, and she’s watched me come home every day and saying, 'I just feel like there’s something more I could be doing.'

While her wife has been pushing for her to end the show, several others wanted her to continue. DeGeneres’ brother, who she says is her biggest advocate, advised her to keep running with the show as many people looked forward to it every day.

Her Plans After The Show

The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been a huge part of DeGeneres’s life with her hosting 180 episodes a year for the past 18 years. After it ends, she plans on focusing on things she cares about, like design and furniture.

The comedian is opening her college in Rwanda next year and has expressed her desire to be more involved in the conservation of animals and environment. She has also shown interest in taking on roles in movies that she previously couldn’t because of her busy schedule.

Toxic Workplace Allegations

The past year has been tough for the daytime show. Several bullying and toxic workplace allegations had been made against it after dozens of employees came forward to claim they had been sexually harassed or assaulted by executives or other senior members of DeGeneres’ staff.

Three executive producers — Jonathan Norman, Ed Galvin and Kevin Leman — were fired after an internal investigation and DeGeneres apologized on air. While no direct allegations were made against her, much of the show’s viewers stopped watching it.

Viewership tanked by roughly 50% in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Similar trends could be seen in various other places with viewership going down between 32% and 40% in New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

Several people have speculated that the drop in viewership and rating is the real reason behind the show ending. Many others have also credited 50 Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson for its upcoming end.