Tim Minchin has been a musician as long as he has been with his wife, Sarah Minchin.

In all their years together, he has been open to his spouse about his time on tour and encounters with other women.

He, however, had not written songs about his relationship and loyalty. So, when writing for his debut studio album, he wrote a few songs that expressed his feelings regarding fidelity.

Tim Minchin Chose His Wife over Others

Tim's second single of his debut album, Apart Together, was titled 'I'll Take Lonely Tonight.' It was a song about how he had been touring all his life and been away from his wife for the most part.

He poured out his feelings about being alone during tours and having the urge to be unfaithful to his spouse into the song.

However, rather than being an admission of unfaithfulness, the song was a celebration of not having cheated on her.

Tim Minchin with wife Sarah Minchin in Edinburgh in 2005.

Tim Minchin with his wife Sarah Minchin in Edinburgh in 2005. (Photo: Instagram)

In his own words, the song "drives towards a release of relief, the bliss, the almost-ecstatic orgasmic bliss of having not f----d up."

While talking to NME, where he made the above remark, Tim also revealed the entire album was about wanting to speak honestly and expressing how he experienced love over the years.

He quipped committing to another person was a commitment to "falling apart together."

During another interview with I News, he admitted he had gotten into many situations when touring where he could have been unfaithful. But all those times, he chose fidelity.

His whole idea of love was that it was dependent on human choices. "it's [sic] a choice over and over again in the face of infinite other choices. And actually, there's beauty in that."

His wife, Sarah, understands all this. Tim had always been open in his marriage, and Sarah understood where he was coming from in these songs.


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The singer said she understood people had to choose to be faithful. He opined that the choice became harder over time.

However, he confessed that Sarah liked the song and did not find the sentiments surprising, although she had difficulty hearing the songs for the first time.

While Tim takes these feelings of rush and his control over them as a testament to his partner, Sarah isn't that emotional about it.

She once got back at him, saying he had written another song that made girls think "he was someone sexual."

Tim Minchin's Family Life with Wife

Tim met his spouse Sarah when they were just teenagers in Perth.

He was 17 when he first met her, and she was the first woman he had ever been with. That was in around 1992.


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Tim and his partner got married in 2001 and now have two children together.

Their daughter, Violet, was 12, and their son Caspar was nine as of September 2018.

The family lived in Los Angeles, but they moved to Sydney in December 2017.