Jackass star Steve-O lived on the wild side for most of his early years. While his extracurricular activities might have had other impacts on his health, the impression they left on his appearance, most notably on his teeth, was the most evident. 

So much so that the daredevil had three different sets of fake teeth for each installment of Jackass.

Steve-O's Real Teeth Broke In '95

As a kid, Steve-O had fang-like canines—something he was teased for often. Still, they were his real set of dentures. Although he was ridiculed for his teeth, he never considered getting a cosmetic fix until he broke a few of them. 

During a party in 1995, Steve-O threw himself off a balcony, possibly intoxicated, and landed with his face on the concrete floor below. His injuries included a fractured cheekbone, seven broken teeth, ten stitches on his chin, and a broken wrist. 

After the accident, his mom volunteered to pay for the treatment, including the dental. She even set him up with a dentist, but being the rager that he was, he ended up in jail on the day of the appointment for a DUI charge. 

Steve-O Got Seven Teeth Fixed for the First 'Jackass' Movie

When he made his phone call from prison, his mom told him that she would not cover his dental treatment and instead got him into a rehabilitation facility.

He lived with the same broken teeth for two whole years before his mom took pity on him and got him his first set of fake teeth. But, unfortunately, because the rest of his teeth were stained, thanks to poor oral hygiene, his fake teeth had to match the stains too. 


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If you take the time to notice, during the first run of Jackass, Steve-O had visibly stained teeth—something he claimed that he was super self-conscious about.

A New Set of Fake Teeth for Every 'Jackass' Movie Made

By the time 2004 had rolled in, Steve-O had enough money in the bank to get his teeth fixed, so that was exactly what he did. He got his entire set done, and technically, that was also his first complete set of fake teeth. 

Those were also the teeth he had for the second Jackass movie. However, despite them looking a lot better than his original set of teeth, he still had problems with his gums because he never flossed. 

By 2009, the bacteria buildup in his mouth made his interdental papillae (the triangle-shaped part of the gum between teeth) disappeared. So he went ahead and got another set of fake teeth to solve that. 

What you see Steve-O beaming in Jackass 3D are his third set of fake teeth.

All in all, Steve-O had three different sets of teeth for each of the three Jackass movies. What's more is that if they happen to make another installment, they will feature a different set of teeth too. 

That's because, even after Steve-O got his third set of teeth, the gum problems persisted, and he had to get another set in 2014.