Sean Penn, who has won two Academy Awards, is renowned for his roles in the mystery drama Mystic River and the biopic Milk.

Apart from his acting, the actor has also been in the headlines for various other reasons, one of which includes his personal life.

He has got married thrice and been involved in multiple relationships — with the likes of Elizabeth McGovern, Susan Sarandon, and Charlize Theron — over the years.

Here's a specific report on Penn and his first wife, Madonna's relationship!

Sean Penn and First Wife Madonna's Beginning

The Dead Man Walking star first came across Madonna, who is one of the most influential figures in popular culture and has often been referred to as the "Queen of Pop," when he visited the set of her music video for 'Material Girl.'

The two allegedly formed a special bond between them very quickly. Due to that, they even decided to get married soon.

Marking the occasion of Madonna's 27th birthday, the pair eventually tied the knot on August 16, 1985. The following day [August 17, 1985], Penn turned 25.

The 'Tinseltown Tradition' Wedding

According to the LA Times, Penn and Madonna got hitched on a grassy bluff high above the pounding Pacific with a nod to Tinseltown tradition.

On the big day, the famed singer wore a traditional strapless off-white bridal gown.

Sean Penn and Madonna snapped at their wedding in 1985.

Sean Penn and his ex-wife Madonna snapped at their wedding in 1985. (Photo: Twitter)

Besides, the 200 guests witnessed the couple perform the 10-minute ceremony.

The two subsequently entered the lavish $6.5-million home, owned by Penn's family friend and producer Kurt Unger, and appeared briefly on a balcony for the new bride to throw the bridal bouquet.

Some of the familiar faces to attend the intimate ceremony included Rosanna Arquette, David Geffen, Tom CruiseDavid Letterman, Andy Warhol, and Carol Kane.

Interestingly, even though heavy security kept anxious paparazzi away from the gate, as many as six media helicopters flew above the location to get a glimpse of the private ceremony.

The Marriage Lasted for Mere Four Years

Despite the lavish wedding and the relationship showing great potential, the couple could not save their marriage.

The two reportedly separated in December 1987, after the singer filed for divorce. But she was quick to withdraw the papers two weeks later, only to file the docs again in January 1989.

In the latter instance, she also withdrew an assault complaint against Penn that he had beaten her at their Malibu, California, home during the New Year's weekend.

Sean Penn and Madonna Still Admires Each Other

After whatever happened in the past, the former couple presently has only love to offer to one another.

In recent years, the two have expressed their love for each other multiple times. For instance, while speaking on The Late Show in March 2018, Penn was asked by host Stephen Colbert to pick between his first wife Madonna and pop princess Britney Spears.

Replying to that, he said, "Ah, I love my first wife very much."

"There's no [comparison]… you don't compare those things. People compare them all the time!" he added.

Much like that, the Queen of Pop also implied in 2015 that her ex-husband Penn was a good man who never had "struck" her. She further claimed the reports of his violent and aggressive behavior toward her back in the 1980s were simply not true.