Since Darcey Silva appeared on TLC's reality show, 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days in August 2017, her loyal fans and followers have witnessed her tumultuous relationship and apparent transformation, thanks to a slew of plastic surgery procedures. 

Over the years, she has gone under the knife multiple times, admittedly to perfect her looks. And she has been vocal about the procedures, including her latest round of surgery in Turkey.

Darcey Silva Underwent a Plastic Surgery in Turkey

The second season of the reality show Darcey & Stacey documented Silva's latest plastic surgery. She had a breast reduction, a rhinoplasty, a lip lift, and new veneers as part of the "twin transformation" she experienced with her sister, Stacey Silva. 

"This is probably our biggest surgery yet," Silva had remarked on an exclusive sneak peek of the show's last episode that aired on September 2021. In addition, she expressed her worry and nervousness, stating, "What happens if I don't like the outcome of the surgery? It's scary to think about."

Despite the initial jitters, the reality star went forward with the operation and came to love the changes. She even gushed about her change during an interview with ET Online, stating she felt lighter after the surgery. "Everything's just a little bit more refined," she added.

While Silva loved the way the new cosmetic procedure made her feel, not all her followers could resonate with the feeling. "Those doctors absolutely butchered her face," one follower wrote on a Reddit thread that discussed her transformation. 

Another opined that the "newest plastic surgery is a visual disaster." The particular user even remarked that the Silva sisters had a "poisonous addiction" to plastic surgery.

Contrary to what people had to say, Silva loved her new looks. And she and her sister weren't allowing the internet criticisms to get to them. "You know what, we're embracing ourselves, loving ourselves from within and it just radiates on the outside for us," she stated. 

The mother-of-two clarified that speaking about their choices was better than hiding them. Silva claimed she loved herself enough to spearhead the transformation journey, elaborating it wasn't just for outward metamorphosis but also spiritual. 

Darcey Silva before Plastic Surgery

Besides the surgery in Turkey, Silva has gone under multiple other procedures. For example, she had a tummy tuck at Avana Plastic Surgery in Miami as a part of a "mommy makeover" in May 2019. Before surgery, the 42-year-old had loose skin around her stomach. So, she opted for the surgery to feel healthy and maintain her beauty despite her ascending age. 

After that, Silva underwent cold laser treatment to create abs and used fillers under the eyes and lips to generate a youthful look.

In December 2019, she got at least 30 inches of hair extensions through a procedure that took eight hours. Then, she again had lip injections and fillers from the famed esthetician Nikki Bell.  

Darcey Silva before and after plastic surgery.

Darcey Silva before and after plastic surgery. (Photo: Screenrant)

Without question, Silva now looks completely different from how she looked before plastic surgery.

Her lips were thinner before surgery. But now, they are visibly bigger and plump. The same is with her breast. Further, her nose and her facial structure have also changed. Besides the surgeries, Silva's transformation has to be accredited to her weight loss over the years and her hair color changes.