Niall Horan, born Niall James Horan, rose to fame as a member of the boy band One Direction. The band was formed in 2010 on the British singing competition The X Factor and initially included Liam Payne, Harry StylesLouis TomlinsonZayn Malik, and him.

The Irish singer and songwriter was born and raised in Mullingar, County Westmeath, predominantly by his father, Bobby Horan, after his parents separated when he was five years old.

Niall has one older brother, Greg Horan, who is six years older than the famed singer.


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The two siblings also spent most of their childhood and teenage years together, even though they lived between their separated father and mother's respective houses.

Niall Horan's Parents and Their Divorce Facts

As stated earlier, Horan's parents got a divorce when he was a mere 5-year-old child. After his parents' divorce, the singer and his older brother lived with their mother, Maura Gallagher, for a year.

But they later decided to live with their father Bobby and subsequently moved in with him 20 miles away in Mullingar.


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According to Daily Record's report in April 2012, Maura — at that time — lived in Edgeworthstown with her husband of seven years, Chris.

"It makes me very emotional seeing what he's doing, it really is changing his life - it's so huge. What else could a mother ask for her child? It's mind blowing," the singer's mother told the same publication while speaking about her son's achievements.

She added, "Last weekend he met the Obamas, so the child's mind must be blown with what he's getting to see and do."

His Mother 'Warn' Him to Be Nice to the Girls

In the same interview, Maura shared that she had taught her son — who is reportedly in a relationship with designer shoe buyer Amelia Woolley — to be nice to girls and always chat to them and pose for pictures.

With those learnings, Niall has loved the woman of his life since early 2020. But he and his alleged girlfriend have opted to keep their love life private.


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The famed singer previously also dated the likes of Ellie Goulding, Barbara Palvin, Hailee Steinfeld, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez.

Niall Horan's Brother Once Rubbished One Direction Fight

Niall's brother Greg, who guided his younger brother since a young age, once came to the fore, rubbishing the then-ongoing rumors of One Direction boys fighting with one another.

Many publications claimed that Louis, Niall, and Zayn were upset with Liam and Harry.

Greg spoke with Unreality TV and said that the rumors were "absolute nonsense." "The boys all get on really well together. They instantly bonded and have become the best of friends," he added.

He also talked about his brother Niall, saying, "I'm so proud of Niall. He is getting on great. He rang a few times during the week but I don't want to talk to him because I just miss him so much."

He later stated that the boys had immense respect for one another and gelled so well that they looked like friends who had known each other for ten years.

Greg is currently married to his partner Janice Gormley, and together they have a son named Theo.