English singer and songwriter Louis Tomlinson, born Louis William Tomlinson, rose to fame as a member of the boy band One Direction. The group initially included Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry StylesZayn Malik, and him.

Over the years, Tomlinson — together with his band — has gained massive popularity for chartbuster songs. That said, the 29-year-old singer also has some fans who are admirers of his personality, fashion, as well as his tattoos.

He reportedly has more than 20 tattoos all over his body, with the first one inked around his ankle when he was in his early 20s. Speaking with GQ magazine in December 2019, Tomlinson talked about his tattoos, revealing some of his tattoos were made so randomly that they don't even have a meaning.

Louis Tomlinson Wasn’t a Fan of Tattoos

Talking about tattoos, in particular, the singer stated he was never into making tattoos before he joined the band. In the video interview, he recalled saying to his close people that he would never have a tattoo and smoke cigarettes.

"My life went a different way, and the first tattoo that I got, and I thought it was going to be the only one," he said while showing his ankle tattoo, a matching tattoo every One Direction member made except for Horan.

Louis Tomlinson's Meaningless Tattoos

Out of his many tattoos with no meanings, one is a huge Stag, inked on his right bicep. He explained that he just wanted something big for his arms, and he went with the artist's suggestion.

Right about his Stag tattoo, he also has a heart tattoo with a pair of headphones inside it, which he describes as a "bad tattoo" and "really weird."


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And his right forearm is piled up with all the random tattoos. From a sketchpad to a coffee cup, he has it all there. According to him, most of those tattoos were made in different places, cities, countries, and artists.

After showing them, Tomlinson added he didn't regret those tattoos even though they were made randomly and some were badly inked.

Louis Tomlinson Talks about His Favorite Tattoo

Tomlinson has a Swift bird tattoo on his right forearm, which he revealed as his favorite tattoo. He reportedly had it because it is his favorite kind of bird.


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In the previous interview with GQ, he explained that his bird tattoo was perfect in terms of style and art while stating the tattoo artist did a great job. He continued to say that the shop where he had his particular tattoo was one of the tattoo shops with a very unique vibe.

They're moody, unapproachable, and I'm like, right, okay, I'm in a proper place here. I walk in, I thought, right, okay, I'll be properly organized, I'll show the guy, I was like, right, this is exactly what I want.

In the end, Tomlinson, who has so many tattoos, good and bad, suggests that the best way to go about tattoos is not to take them seriously. Instead, he says, "just get to a tattoo show" and decide when you are there.