Julie Bowen starred in Modern Family for 11 years, a role that garnered her a slew of Emmy nominations and praise from the adoring public. 

But over the years, fans noticed she started looking different and speculated that she had gotten plastic surgery. 

Julie Bowen and Plastic Surgery

People noticed Bowen looked especially different before and after the pilot of Modern Family. 

They assumed that she had gotten plastic surgery, but she revealed her pregnancy made her look different.

According to NY Daily News, she opened up about it in the book Modern Family: The Untold History of One of Television’s Groundbreaking Sitcoms. 

When the pilot was shot, Bowen was nearly eight months pregnant.

“My face was pregnant. I had tons of hair and looked like I got lip injections because I was so puffy. And I had these enormous boobs that were terrifying,” said the actress. 

She added she went online and saw the rumors before making the “no Google rule.”

And since her character wasn’t having another child, Bowen’s baby bump was hidden in the series.

Julie Bowen Has No Plans for Plastic Surgery

The actress denied going under the knife and said she never plans to do so. 

Julie Bowens Before and After photos

Julie Bowen Before and After photos that sparked plastic surgery rumors (Source: Julie Bowen/Instagram)

Bowen explained that as a public figure, she often has her picture taken, and therefore she would never undergo plastic surgery.

She said people would notice the change right away, which was enough for her to stay away from the surgeons. 

“I don’t know that I could stand that kind of [scrutiny]. I don’t know that I’d feel comfortable with that. But never say never,” Bowen told ABC News

The actress said that she focused on taking care of her skin instead. 

She’s also learned to embrace her body, which she said has changed after two pregnancies.

As for feeling confident, Bowen feels great if she has gone for a run or been at the beach all day.

Julie Bowen Has Gotten Botox

Although the Modern Family star has never gotten any work done or ever plans to, she admitted to having laser treatment. 

In September 2012, during an interview with Health, the actor shared that she’d had laser treatment and would consider Fraxel laser skin resurfacing, too.

“I’ve had lasers leveled at my face, and I would like to do Fraxel the deep one where you go undercover for like a month because you look horrible,” Bowen told the magazine with amazement at the treatment’s anti-aging effects. 

She also added that she found it bizarre that people altered their faces to look like crazy Hollywood faces.

But the actress assured she would judge no one for it, for she had been in their shoes before. 

In 2016, Life & Style reported that the actress most likely had gotten Botox. 

According to the outlet, expert Jennifer Leebow of the LABB suspected Bowen had a case of Botox gone bad because of her droopy smile. 

Meanwhile, the actress has mentioned nothing about getting Botox, so no one knows for sure.