Did Josh Richards cheat on Nessa Barrett? The question recently became a topic of discussion on the internet after Tana Mongeau roasted the fellow internet personality and actor during The Roast of Bryce Hall event.

Inspired by Comedy Central's roasts, The Roast of Bryce Hall was a roast event where various social media stars and comedians came together to roast each other, especially Bryce Hall.

The roast was uploaded on Vlog Squad member Jason Nash's YouTube channel.

Cut to the chase — taking center stage, Mongeau first attacked Richards, alleging him of violating everybody. She said, "Who would have thought that Josh Richards would have violated everybody?"

Tana Mongeau Asserted Josh Richards Cheated on Nessa Barrett

Continuing her roast on Richards, Mongeau added that the social media star had violated the people at the event as much as he violated Barrett, a famed singer-songwriter and Richards' ex-girlfriend.

She stated that while explaining he had violated his ex-girlfriend by cheating on her with other popular girls on TikTok.

"Josh, you violated us almost as much as you violated Nessa when you cheated on her with every girl on TikTok," she said during the event.

Afterward, she went on to roast other members present at the event.

Netizens Chimed in Quickly

As soon as Mongeau said Richards had cheated on Barrett, netizens began writing down their thoughts on the topic on various social media platforms.

"i feel like most of us already assumed he cheated tho tbh," someone commented on @tiktokinsiders' Instagram post, which highlighted Mongeau's roast on Richards.

Another user on the platform thanked her for confirming the information, writing, "we knew he cheated but no one wanted to believe it. thank you for confirming tana."

Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett before their breakup.

Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett before their breakup. (Photo: Josh Richards' Instagram)

Someone chimed in, saying, "I KNEW ITT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT."

"OMG WE NEED MORE DETAILS," a fangirl added, asking for further details on Richards-Barrett drama.

Did Josh Richards Really Cheat on Nessa Barrett?

First, it is important to note that Mongeau quickly took to social media to clarify that whatever she said during the event was only jokes. She stated that while asking people not to take them seriously.

She dropped a comment on TikTok, writing, "ok remember all- this is a roast with jokes. none of this is too be read into or taken seriously. it's a roast with JOKES [sic]."

After her clarification, some agreed with her and took the previous claims as just jokes. However, some still seem convinced that Richards cheated on Barrett.

"but i'm convinced she wasn't joking," one wrote, while another added, "bro but its pretty obvious that the man cheated, like, she only confirmed that with the 'joke.'"

All that said, it would still be unfair to confirm anything from our side or believe in the rumors going around the internet.

Richards and Barrett began dating in November 2019 and subsequently made their relationship official in April 2020 while celebrating their six-month anniversary amid dating rumors.

But just two months after the relationship announcement, Richards revealed in a social media video that he and Barrett had broken up. Sometime later, Barrett hinted that her ex-boyfriend cheated on her via a series of since-deleted tweets.

But she didn't stretch the issue in the following days — neither Richards addressed the cheating rumors.