Bryce Hall introduced his new girlfriend Zoe Gara on his latest YouTube upload titled 'My Date Went Horrible,' made available on January 28, 2022.

The ten-minute and forty-two-second video started with Hall promoting a vegan drink. After that, however, the footage smoothly transitioned into a dating video.

The content creator was accompanied on his date by his friend and actor Josh Richards and JRod, his cameraman.

Around two minutes into the recording, Hall said he was waiting for someone he previously met in Hawaii while referring to Gara.

The influencer said he was going on a date with his girlfriend, whom he did not shy away from calling "a beautiful specimen" before citing her as the reason he went to Hawaii.

He seemingly revealed Gara as an Australian, saying he had always liked Australians and remained "super attracted" toward their accent.

Upon finally meeting his girlfriend, Hall welcomed her, saying, "nice meeting you here in L.A., you Australian."

Bryce Hall's Date with New Girlfriend

Initially, the couple was supposed to go on a restaurant date. However, Hall opted to visit his friend Nate after Richards supposedly messed their outing.

"This is going to be the dating space," he told his audience while standing in front of a pool.

Bryce Hall's new girlfriend Zoe Gara.

Bryce Hall's new girlfriend Zoe Gara during her vacation in Versailles, France. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Hall continued saying that he brought Gara to his friend's well-facilitated house due to the lack of such arrangements at his home.

"I took her out to flex on her," he joked further, stating how the property wasn't his.

Later, they were seen enjoying a cozy fire on a balcony with the night Los Angeles view in the background.

Richards, who acted as Hall's chauffeur throughout the day, requested to be their food server.

After sharing three different snacks served by Richards, the couple agreed to involve themself in a game where they looked into each other's DMs.

"I haven't DMed a female in months. You are the first one I slid into," Hall told Gara, who said she started noticing him after he commented in one of her pictures.

Later, he revealed Gara slid into his DM at first and not the other way around.

YouTuber Hall jokingly shared that he was in love with Gara but called the situation awkward as it was being filmed.

The video ended after the pair discussed a few messages from each other's inboxes.

A few days later, i.e., on January 31, 2022, Hall was spotted holding his new girlfriend's hands as the couple took a stroll in Los Angeles.

Who Is Zoe Gara?

While Hall, in his video, called Gara Australian on many occasions, a look at her official Instagram page suggests she grew up in Australia but originally belonged to Greek nationality.

Hall's new girlfriend is an aspiring model represented by Harvick Talent, a model management agency.

On her Instagram page, she is followed by her 632,000 fans as of this writing. 

Gara is into karate and has won an array of regional and national level competitions.

When asked if she has used her karate skills in real life by a fan during a Q&A, the model said she "luckily" hasn't used it as self-defense thus far.

"But mentally, I use it every single day," she continued saying how learning martial arts shape an individual by teaching them necessary life skills.