Tana Mongeau's Instagram was recently temporarily banned and was put under review.

On February 22, 2022, the internet personality took to TikTok to share the update about her Instagram ban, claiming her picture with Bryce Hall on the platform was the reason behind everything.

In a two-minute-long rant video, Mongeau started by exclaiming that she found out her handle was not functioning as usual early in the morning when she tried using it.

Afterward, she tried to log in to her handle multiple times, but she got logged out every time.

A picture of Tana Mongeau and Bryce Hall posted on her Instagram.

A picture of Tana Mongeau and Bryce Hall posted on her account. (Photo: Instagram)

Sometime later, she was notified that her account was put under review, and she was temporarily banned from performing any activity on Instagram.

"I click on why it is under review and it says it is because of a photo I posted with Bryce Hall," she said in the video. She added, "Yes, Bryce Hall! The photo of me and Bryce Hall has now my whole Instagram under review."

Tana Mongeau's Instagram Was Almost Deleted

After realizing her account was temporarily banned, Mongeau freaked out and tried to contact her friends for help.

She even contacted some people who worked with Instagram, and they reportedly told her that her account was completely under review and could even get deleted permanently.

Meanwhile, the social media star didn't specify the picture of her and Hall that got her banned.

Hall, on the other hand, has also not spoken anything on the topic despite Mongeau blaming him for her recent problem.

Tana Mongeau and Bryce Hall's History Together

In case you didn't know, Mongeau and Hall have a history together, as the two were linked to each other after the social media star revealed he had hooked up with the fellow YouTuber and content creator.

In his September 2021 video, he talked about her in the presence of Mongeau's ex-boyfriend, Lil Xan.

But none of them ever confirmed if they were dating — making it unclear if their relationship was just limited to hookup or there was something more.

The two have also collaborated for various YouTube content and TikTok videos.

Fans React to the Ban

Hundreds of fans quickly reacted to her video and poured in varied opinions on her recent situation.

"so basically bryce hall was the root of your issues," a fangirl commented on her TikTok, to which Mongeau replied, "and you know the day is bad when blaming him doesn't even make me feel better."

Another added, "Oh my god, what a day….. I hope they give your account back."

"this was satisfying to hear bc of how fast you were talking...but im sorry all that is happening to you wth," another comment read.

Tana Mongeau Eventually Got Her Account Back

A day after her account was put under review, Mongeau got her account back. She shared the happy news with her followers via Instagram stories.

She posted a series of stories, one of which was a video of her implying that she missed her followers. In her later stories, she was spotted at a party with Jeffree Star.

But if you have been following Mongeau for a long time, you must have known that this is not the first time she came across such a situation.

She got into a similar situation in the past when she nearly got banned from TikTok and Instagram for sharing raunchy posts.