Bryce Hall has revealed that he's hooked up with fellow YouTuber and content creator Tana Mongeau.

In a recent video posted on Hall's YouTube channel, he opened up about Mongeau. In the same video, Mongeau's ex-boyfriend Lil Xan can be seen with Hall talking about his time with Mongeau. 

This claim is further supported by a recent Instagram story where Hall was seen with Mongeau on a road trip.


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However, there have been suggestions that the two have come pretty close in recent times. In one of the recent episodes of her Cancelled podcast,  the internet personality confessed to being attracted to Hall.

Are Bryce Hall and Tana Mongeau Dating?

Prior to that episode, Mongeau revealed how "long time ago" she was close to Hall, who was like her "sidekick." Mongeau also said that she and Hall had their ups and downs and tried to cancel each other in the past, but now it is "too clouded to deny him. So, we've become great friends again."

A few months ago, Hall and Mongeau's close friend Ari Aguirre was involved in a kissing incident. The Cancelled podcaster wished it was her instead of her friend Aguirre. 

All this has recently sparked rumors regarding Hall and Mongeau's relationship, but at the same time, there aren't enough clear-cut updates to suggest whether or not the two are actually dating each other.

Tana Mongeau's Break up with Lil Xan

In 2019, Mongeau uploaded a video on her YouTube channel and talked about being in a secretive fling with rapper Lil Xan, who was known to be dating pop star Miley Cyrus's sibling Noah Cyrus. She later accused Lil Xan of having cheated on her.

Later, in an interview with Jake Paul, Lil Xan was confronted by the question of whether he cheated on Mongeau? To which the rapper calmly replied, 

We were just young. That's all we were doing, Tana. Come on.


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Fast-forward to recent times, Lil Xan has spoken about Mongeau again. This time the rapper was seen making a confession in Hall's recent video uploaded to his personal YouTube channel confirming that the rapper and Mongeau were indeed dating each other.  

Lil Xan hails from Redlands, California, and is known for his 2018 hit song song 'Betrayed' which was certified platinum. Lil Xan is also sometimes referred to as Diego, which happens to be his middle name. 

Tana Mongeau's Relationship with Jake Paul

After saying her goodbyes to the rapper, Mongeau was seen with Jake Paul soon after. As per Insider, Paul, the brother of popular podcaster Logan Paul, got engaged with Mongeau in June 2019 and then got "married" a month later.  

However, the so-called marriage was understood to be something the then couple would use to describe their relationship. It was revealed later that they weren't actually married in legal terms. 

However, their relationship ended prematurely as the ex-couple announced their breakup in January 2020, citing their need to focus on their personal lives as the reason for the split.