Jodie Woods is the youngest of the Woods family, and also the earliest to get into the business.

She is Jordyn Wood's sister and grew up seeing Jordyn become a big name in modeling and social media. Jodie, too, is chasing a similar path now.

At the tender age of 17, she already has her own clothing line and is a big presence on Instagram. Here are a few things to know about Jodie, her birthday, and her dating life.

Who Is Jodie Woods? Age, Birthday, and Family Details

Jodie was born on January 6, 2005, to sound engineer dad John Woods and talent manager mother Elizabeth Woods. She is the youngest of four siblings and has two older brothers and one older sister, Jordyn.

Jodie Woods with her sister, Jordyn Woods (right).

Jodie Woods with her sister, Jordyn Woods (right). (Photo: Instagram)

She was raised in Calabasas, California. Her parents divorced when she was very young, and she lost her father to cancer in 2017.

Her immediate family aside, she is also very close to Will Smith and his family. The two families have been close since way back and she and Jordyn call Will and Jada Pinkett Smith uncle and aunt.

Jodie has always been close with her siblings, but it is mostly with her mom and sister she appears on social media. The three are staples in each other's Instagram.

At just 17, she is already an entrepreneur. Her athleisure line is called FRVR UNBOTHERED, and it sells limited-edition streetwear.

She herself models for her clothing line and also does Instagram modeling for various other fashion brands. She is signed to Woods Management Group and similar to Jordyn, Elizabeth manages her career.

As of this writing, Jodie has amassed 1.3 million followers on Instagram and 367.5 thousand followers on TikTok. She uses both these platforms to promote her business and do paid advertisements.

Jodie Woods and Alabama Barker's Relationship

Growing up in Hollywood with a familiarity with the industry like the Woods family has, Jodie was bound to meet and mingle with other celebrity kids while growing up. That's exactly what her relationship with Alabama Luella Barker is.

The two are friends and appear fairly often on each other's Instagram posts. They have done a few photo shoots together and those are up on both their accounts.

Their friendship even made headlines when they hung out in March 2022.

Fans were surprised to see them hang out because her sister, Jordyn, and Khloe Kardashian had a spat in 2019. Alabama comes into all of this because Travis Barker, her father, is married to Kourtney Kardashian.

Beyond this, however, there's not much available about their friendship.

Jodie Woods's Dating Rumors

Despite being so young, Jodie has already had a dating rumor going around about her.

In August 2020, speculations pointed out that Jodie found a new boyfriend in Julez Smith, Solange Knowles's son. The rumors started after Jules reportedly shared a couple of Instagram stories where he implied Jodie was his girlfriend.

Jodie Woods with her rumored boyfriend, Julez Smith, in 2020.

Jodie Woods with her rumored boyfriend, Julez Smith, in 2020. (Photo: Instagram)

Further, he also apparently shared a candid picture of Jodie and even said "I love you forever," in one clip.

Nothing else has come up regarding this, and the silence has put into doubt what fans thought he implied in the video. Other than Julez, Jodie has not been linked with anyone else.