Jonathan Cain has been married to his wife, Paula White, since 2014. She is a well-known evangelist who was also the spiritual advisor to Donald Trump.

Cain and his wife were brought together by faith, and he has said they were meant to be together from the get-go.

Here’s a look at the musician and White’s relationship.

How Jonathan Cain Met Wife Paula White

Cain and White met for the first time on a plane in 2010. She recounted the story of their first meeting during her and her husband’s appearance on Life Today TV.

White needed to fly to Texas, but all the seats were taken. She asked her secretary to keep calling so that she could get a seat if anyone else gave theirs up.

Jonathan Cain with wife Paula White

Jonathan Cain with wife Paula White (Source: Instagram)

Luckily, a seat opened up for her, and she got on a plane, where she was seated right across from Cain.

“And I dropped a book,” she said. “He thinks I did it on purpose, but I didn’t. And he looked at me in my eyes and he goes, ‘What do you do?’”

The pair got engrossed in their conversation and opened up “their entire lives in that three-hour flight.”

She also invited him to connect with God once more at the end of their conversation.

This eventually led to the two starting dating.

Wife Paula White Helped Him Reconnect with God

One thing that helped Cain and White connect on a deeper level was their faith.

When he was still a kid, Cain had declared that he wanted to be a priest.

However, his plans were derailed when he turned to music for solace after surviving a fire at his Chicago grade school that killed 92 of his schoolmates and three nuns.

During an interview with Tennessean, the musician revealed how he always had faith in God but had not learned the disciplined of staying in the word of God.

And it was White who helped him get back on track. “What I was missing was the word. Paula brought me back to scripture and the gospel.”

Cain also shared that White didn’t pastor him and that she had let other men of faith pray for him.

He eventually got baptized and proposed to her right after.

Jonathan Cain Married Paula White Thrice

Four years after their initial meeting, Cain took White as his wife during a trip to Ghana in 2014.

However, they didn’t just tie the knot once, but thrice—once for The Father, once for The Son, and once for The Holy Spirit.

The two shared their vows for the first time in a low-key ceremony that was officiated by one of White’s Pentecostal mentors.

For their second wedding, Cain and White held a public wedding at an Orlando hotel on April 25, 2015.

And while the couple has shared that they got married thrice, they have revealed nothing about their third marriage.

Both Cain and White have talked about how much they appreciate each other. He said she loves him as a man and listens to his heart.

Similarly, White had also said that she had been married before but “never had a husband” until she married Cain.