Paula White Cain, the first female clergy member to deliver the invocation at the presidential inauguration in 2017, has married thrice. 

Although she tied the knot and even divorced twice, she claimed she never had a husband until she met her third spouse, Jonathan Cain. 

In the interview with Life Today TV, White weighed down on her failed marriages. "I've been married before, but I never had a husband," she stated, stressing, "I have a husband (now)."

The only reason White gave such a remark can be explained by how her previous husbands didn't treat her right. 

Paula White's Marriage with First Husband

White was at the young age of 19 when she started dating her first spouse Dean Knight, a local musician in Maryland. 

In February 1985, she found she was pregnant with her first son. Following the pregnancy, White marred Knight and gave birth to her only biological son, Bradley Knight, in November 1985. 

Their marriage, however, took a turn for the worse when she found out that her son was getting abused, which might have led to his drug addiction. 

These problems in the family led to her getting a divorce from Dean in 1989. 

Paula White's Second Marriage was Abusive

After her divorce, White met Randy White, a pastor at the Damascus Church of God in Maryland, at a church. 

Randy had also ended his marriage with his first wife, Debra Ellis, in 1989. 

Bonding over their similar situation, White wedded for Randy in 1990, becoming a stepmother to Randy's three children. 

Their marriage lasted for over a decade as both had begun taking marital counseling by 2003. 

White recalled how Randy had put her in a difficult situation in another interview with Life Today TV.

During one of their anniversaries, Randy proposed to her with an ultimatum that she would never accept. Further, he threatened her that if she did not take the ultimatum, she would lose everything; her family, ministry, finances, and everything else, too. 

Following this, White and Randy announced their divorce in August 2007, a second for both of them. But they maintained friendly terms after the divorce. 

How did Paula White Meet her Husband Jonathan Cain? 

The evangelical pastor and her third husband first met sometime around July 2010 when they were on the same Southwest Airlines flight en route to San Antonio, Texas.

She got into the flight carrying a book, and while walking, she dropped her book right in front of Cain. 

This small incident sparked a conversation between the two, which led to them having a more in-depth insight into each other's lives during the three-hour-long flight. 

Paula White with her husband Jonathan Cain.

White with her husband, Jonathan Cain. (Photo: Instagram)

They opened up about each other's lives, and White even prayed for Cain, who was a "displaced Catholic" at the time. 

Their connection only got more potent by the day, and they finally started dating, despite their 16-year age difference.

Paula White and Jonathan Cain's Marriage

Approximately four years after their first encounter, White married Cain. 

In an interview with Life Today TV in October 2019, Cain revealed he and White actually got married three times. 

White further added that they tied the knot once for The Father, once for The Son, and then for The Holy Spirit. 

They officially got married during their trip to Ghana in December 2014. In a quiet, low-key ceremony officiated by one of White's Pentecostal mentors, White and Cain shared their vows the first time.

Then, for the second time, they held a public wedding at an Orlando hotel in April 2015.

There are no further details available for the third marriage. 

Paula White's Alleged Affair

White yet again made the headlines when the news of her alleged affair with Evangelist Benny Hinn started to surface. This was right before she met her "real" husband, Jonathan Cain.

White was spotted holding hands with Benny Hinn in the streets of Rome in July 2010. It was also claimed that they allegedly stayed in the same room in a hotel.

After the story broke, White and Benny refuted the allegations, saying they were just friends.