Home design experts Jenny Marrs and Dave Marrs are blessed with five amazing kids.

The family of seven is regularly seen together on HGTV's reality TV show, Fixer to Fabulous. They are, thus, hugely loved and followed by their viewers.

However, Jenny and Dave's journey to becoming parents of five kids was not easy, as they struggled for years before having their first baby.

Struggled to Have Kids after Marriage

First things first, the couple met when they worked for Newell Rubbermaid in 2002. Meanwhile, Dave traveled for work often but decided to follow his passion for home building in 2004.


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He then zeroed in on getting married to Jenny a year later, and together they dedicated to reconstructing and renovating homes.

But after the marriage, they reportedly struggled with infertility for years. Because of that, the couple even decided to start the adoption process in 2008.

Surprisingly, Jenny found out that she was pregnant with twins in 2009. She subsequently gave birth to the twins, Nathan and Ben Marrs, but the babies were born prematurely.

To mark the special occasion, the proud mother bought the kids hats to wear for their very first Christmas card photo shoot.

"I bought these hats when I was pregnant with the boys and saved them because they represented so much more than just a cute hat," the reality TV star wrote on Instagram in December 2020.


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"They were among the first items I allowed myself to purchase for our babies on the way. Out of fear from all of the years of loss, I held my joy for these new lives close during my pregnancy."

Adopted Their Eldest Daughter Sylvie

When Nathan and Ben were almost 2 years old, the power couple decided to start the adoption process again, as they wanted more children in the family. 

Hence, they adopted their eldest daughter, Sylvie, from the Democratic Republic of Congo in August 2013. But the Marrs family was not able to bring her home until July 2014 due to the shutdown of the Congolese government, which in turn suspended adoption.

Like the last time, during the adoption process, Jenny again found out she was pregnant — this time with the couple's fourth [third biological] child, Charlotte.


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And when Sylvie moved to the U.S. to be with the family, the fourth child Charlotte was already 8 weeks old.

"She was taken from everything she’d ever known. Everything was new. Everybody looked different," Jenny told People about Sylvie in  November 2019. 

"I distinctly remember the first time we took her for a walk. We have lots of trees and she was terrified of trees because she had never seen them before. Just everything was new to her."

The Happy Family of Seven

In 2019, the year the couple first appeared on HGTV's Fixer to Fabulous, Jenny and Dave gave birth to her fifth child, son Luke.

Jenny Marrs and Dave Marrs photographed with their five kids.

Jenny Marrs and Dave Marrs photographed with their five kids. (Photo: Instagram)

"The main reason that we said ‘yes’ to this HGTV journey of ours is for us to have a platform to share about adoption and orphan care, family preservation, the things that we’re really passionate about and so honestly receiving this award is truly such a huge honor,” Jenny said at the CCAI virtual gala in October 2021 after winning the National Angels in Adoption award.

"This is really amazing because this is our heart and what is really important to us."

The Marrs family is now one of the most popular couples on the network. The family could also be seen spending quality time together via the couple's social media handles.