James Charles is not new to dating controversies. An openly gay beauty mogul, Charles has been under attack for allegedly grooming minors. 

As a result, there have been rumors about his love life over the years.

Many boys have been linked to him, and he has also been accused of stealing TikToker Morgan Robb's boyfriend. 

Here is everything you need to know about Charles and his alleged boyfriends. 

Who Is James Charles Dating?

If you have followed Charles on his social media, you might have noticed that he has repeatedly said he wants a boyfriend.

Similarly, he defended himself against grooming minors, saying he was desperate for a partner. 

As of April 1, 2021, Charles confirmed he was single on a YouTube video where he apologized to his followers for texting and talking with underage boys. 

However, lately, there have been a lot of speculations that Charles might be in a relationship with Larray


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James Charles and Larray 

Charles and Larray have been friends for a long time. The two frequently make TikToks and YouTube videos together. 

The rumors about them dating started in late November 2020 when Larray uploaded a TikTok with Charles, promoting his Girlies merch.

The two did the "Couples Only Challenge," They answered various questions about their alleged relationship. 

Initially, Noah Beck, another TikToker, was also on the video. But when he realized it was a 'Couples Only Challenge,' he threw a peace sign and walked out of the frame. 

After that, Charles and Larray answered questions like "Who said I love you first?" and "Who is more romantic?" The video has over three million likes, and it is one of Larray's most viewed TikTok. 

This collaboration fueled many rumors about Larray being Charles' boyfriend, but neither confirmed it.

Therefore, it seems like the video was only to promote the Girlies merch since Larray was dating Brady Potter back then. The two were together for three years before breaking up in September 2021. 


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James Charles' Relationship Rumors

Ever since Charles came into the spotlight in 2016, many people have been assumed to be his boyfriend.

He was close with the Dolan Twins, and the trio often collaborated alongside Emma Chamberlin

One-half of the Dolan Twins, Grayson Dolan, was assumed to be Charles' boyfriend. However, both of them denied the speculations. 

Charles has also been linked with Manny MUA and Beck, but once again, all the parties involved denied the rumors.

In February 2020, the beauty mogul went on a date with gamer Turner Tenney, best known as 'Ttfue.'

However, it is unknown if the date led to something more.

Charles was involved in two controversial relationships. One was with an Instagram model named Gage Gomez, and another was Sam Cooke.

Charles took Gomez to Coachella in 2019, where the latter accused the YouTuber of harassment.

Gomez said he was not interested in Charles, yet he was forced to be in various intimate situations. 

On the other hand, Charles denied all the allegations and said everything between him and Gomez was consensual. Soon after the Gomez-Charles' controversy, Tati Westbrook accused the beauty mogul of misbehaving with a waiter. 

The waiter was Cooke, with whom Charles allegedly acted inappropriately and tried to manipulate him. Initially, Cooke corroborated with Westbrook's statement but later denied it. 

Did James Charles Steal Morgan Robb's Boyfriend?

While Charles was under fire for grooming minors and texting straight men, Robb added fuel to the fire, claiming that Charles had done the same with her ex-boyfriend. 

In a now-deleted TikTok, she accused him of allegedly stealing her partner two years ago.

Apparently, Robb's then-boyfriend was on Tinder, where Charles flirted with him. 

Robb's friends claimed the guy was 15 at the time, but the TikToker did not confirm the age.