Emma Chamberlain went from being an ordinary northern Californian girl to a social media celebrity all over a matter of years. Since initiating her career on YouTube in 2017, she became a fan-favorite for her relatable, trendy content and her unabashed personality.

Soon, Chamberlain carried her YouTube fame over to TikTok and Instagram. That wasn't all. She spread her wings to the high-end fashion industry, collaborating with prominent brands such as Louis Vuitton and Vogue. 

And she made her Met Gala debut with a custom-made Louis Vuitton dress and 1960s glam makeup looks on September 13, 2021. 

After the partnership with luxury brands, Chamberlain realized the importance of designer clothes, and admittedly so. She gushed about her journey from wearing ordinary dresses to designer costumes in an interview with the V Magazine in October 2021. 

Emma Chamberlain's Fashion Sense

In the tell-all interview, the 20-year-old walked down memory lane, recalling when she opted for ordinary dresses.

In her own words, Chamberlain was always fond of fashion. She loved shopping with her mother and treasure hunting at thrift stores. But she never realized her style. Instead, she chose her outfits based on her preferences.

"It wasn't something that was fully developed for me in my head," the social media star added, regarding her childhood fashion sense. She admitted she didn't care who or where the clothes were made.

But that changed as she found her footing on stardom and worked with designers and luxury brands. Her progressive career and fame exposed her to many things, which she credits developed her fashion sense. 

I’ve also just become older and gotten a lot more sophisticated.

After that, Chamberlain dished on her collaboration with Louis Vuitton, stating the experience helped her have a deeper understanding and appreciation for fashion houses and designers. 

She also mentioned that she had enough resources to access the branded clothes. She stated she would lean more into fashion than ever before and learn about stuff.

Her Transition From YouTube to Fashion Industry

In the same interview, Chamberlain got candid about the criticism for transitioning from YouTube to the fashion industry. "1000 present," she rated the pushback she experienced while entering the fashion game. 

The YouTuber then opined how people weren't ready to accept social media stars as celebrities.

The fashion world itself has been around forever and influencers and digital celebrities are very new and haven't necessarily earned their stripes yet.

She elaborated that accepting digital celebrities was out of the ordinary, especially to people who encountered the typical industry from a young age. Stating she understood the discomfort, Chamberlain added that the fashion industry had to evolve to grow. 

At the end of her statements, the California native hoped critics would accept her new endeavors. She shared her fans were already super stoked for her and supportive of her move.